CSM 8 Setback


It was the second last day before candidate entries were still valid. Leave it to me to leave it until the last minute. No worries. I filled out the required forms, sent in the appropriate identification … what could possibly go wrong?

The account Roc Wieler is a media account and therefore does not qualify to run for CSM.

– CCP Xhagen

Didn’t we go through this last year? I checked. We did. I pointed this out to Xhagen, as well as the irony that a player who has earned recognition as a fansite, someone who willingly promotes EVE Online which can only benefit CCP, is being given a hard time when they want to take that dedication and commitment to the next level and run for CSM.

The situation quickly resolved itself.

Last night, surrounded by pod pilots I meet up with every month, enjoying food, beer and good  company, I received another communication from CCP:

I would like to apologize for an error in our mailing system for the CSM8 pre-election. We discovered that our system had resulted in some false positives for our Thursday mail. From here on I will personally be reporting the daily votes of every member running for the CSM8 pre-election. I cannot apologize enough for this error, and hope that you will be understanding as we implement this new election system.

Your current vote count:
Roc Wieler: 132

Once again we cannot apologize enough for this error.

-CCP Dolan


I need 200 endorsements to qualify for the final ballot. I’ve already announced it on this blog, on Twitter, on podcasts. People are going to think I’m already on the ballot. And do you think the window of opportunity has been extended because of this grievous error from CCP? Of course not.

That means, once again, I have to call upon you, dear reader, to make this happen. Get every EVE player you know to ENDORSE me. That doesn’t mean they’re voting for me. It simply means they’re helping to get me on the final ballot.

Short code is below. Please, do this for me.


15 responses to “CSM 8 Setback

  1. Vote(s) registered on day one! Was there any doubt 😛
    Also, website is looking great, especially the top banner.. any chance you can link the image used in its creation?

  2. Good luck Roc! Unfortunately, I’m not an EVE player, so I can’t really help you out, but I’m still rooting for you!

  3. Was planning to spread my endorsements between my preferred candidates but all the others have already reached the necessary 200 so you get all my endorsements Roc. Hopefully you’ll get the 200 by this evening.

  4. I just put a combat boot in my Alliance’s ass. Most of them hadn’t made their endorsements. So that should give you a good set of numbers. You’ve had mine since they opened.

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