Roc’s Rage Workouts

Anger is a powerful emotion. The problem is that most people have been taught to suppress it, to avoid it at all costs, that it is too dangerous, or too negative to be expressed. To me it’s obvious they don’t understand the nature of emotion and the fear they possess at their own lack of control is their weakness.

I embrace rage. Rage gives me power. Rage gives me strength. Rage gives me passion and focus. To be fair and honest, rage has also helped me cross the line of regret so quickly that I didn’t even notice it until it was far behind me. Is that anger’s fault? Of course not. Anger is an emotion. It is perfectly natural to experience and should not be avoided. The dilemma is that there is such ferocity behind anger that it can bite us in the ass if we aren’t thoroughly versed with it.

We’ve seen what happens to those that bottle up rage. Eventually it either starts to eat away at the container, or it simply explodes uncontrollably. Neither scenario is acceptable for our overall health and wellness.

For me, I try to focus my rage in the gym. I utilize it to help me squeeze out one more rep, or ten more seconds, or ten pounds more. Rage can affect us on a hormonal level. Learn to use that to your advantage. Fight or flight is the most basic and powerful of instincts.

So be angry often – successfully.


Here’s an example of a crossfit style workout I did this morning. I was angry at so many things and needed to release some of that steam for myself. A rage workout is simply something you do at beyond full intensity, sometimes until you puke, and cry, with little rest in between. You are literally trying to kill yourself at the gym. Don’t worry, you really can’t unless you’re stupid and drop heavy weights on yourself or something.

You will feel like you’re dying. You will wish you were dead. Instead, you will finish and your body will thank you for it.

This particular Roc’s Rage Workout is CrossFit based. This doesn’t mean I agree with CrossFit. It just means that I’m willing to try out new things and see what is physically viable and what is just nonsense. Any of my 4 Minutes of Hell workouts, or Roc’s Ripper, or any other number of workouts will suffice for your rage. Keep these tips in mind:

  • maximum intensity
  • maximum weight
  • maximum rep
  • maximum circuits
  • minimum rest
  • minimum challenge time

The circuit includes 50 repetitions of 10 different exercises, all done as quickly as possible:

Challenge Time: 25 minutes

Your tears sustain me.

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