Finally finished Fandom … 


The album has been submitted and successfully accepted by my production company. This is good news! I am exhausted, my creativity temporarily drained. It’s been a frustrating, tiring, inspiring tribulation. I have learned so much doing this last album and I think it really shows in the end product. Granted, having the professional suite upgrade to the music software I use care of Big D as a Christmas present, which includes not only a full suite of top notch VST instruments, but also a complete digital remixing studio, and the professional grade Yeti microphone I bought on sale late last year, combined with the M-Audio 88 ES I bought on sale, I’ve received nothing but praise on the music from my private group of critics and friends.

Of course, music is only as good as the vocals permit and there were some serious struggles there. The female vocalist is far better than the male vocalist and I am pleased with the end result. I may release the male vocal tracks I did on my SoundCloud for fun at some point.


Fandom will be available for pre-order as of April 10, 2013. As part of this pre-release, the full second track of the album will be available for download.


Fandom will be officially released on April 24, 2013, right before Fanfest in Iceland! Figure what better place to have a launch party than the top of the world.


I’ll be tweeting weekly about Fandom.

I’ll be sharing weekly on Facebook about Fandom.

I may even send out an email blast once per month about Fandom.

I want this album to be a success. Proceeds from this album go to Child’s Play charity. I want to write them a huge cheque. I want you to want that also.


When I do tweet about Fandom, please retweet. Share on your Facebook wall. Forward emails. Use word of mouth. This isn’t about me for once.

I still need help with web banners, both still and animated. Any volunteers? Time is running out and ol’ Roc is asking.

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