Huge Beast – Day 81


Listen to your body. I’ve preached this again and again. If you look at the timestamp you’ll notice that my body had been talking quite loudly to me. It desperately needed rest. Unfortunately, my obligations at that time wouldn’t allow, but there were always choices to make, and consequences to be had. I listened. I slept for nearly 10 hours. It put me in a much better emotional, physical and mental state to deal with said obligations, and at the end of the day if you aren’t at your best, you can’t expect to accomplish your best.

Bulk Shoulders. As Double J reminded me, it was really Day 83 of the Bodybeast program. Somewhere along the way I had lost count. Ah, the glory of Roc. Regardless, I pushed myself once again as if it were the first time having ever done the workout. I pushed so hard I couldn’t finish a set of Arnold presses and narrowly avoided disaster as the heavy dumb bells were consciously dropped to the floor rather than risking tearing something in my left shoulder. It’s good to push hard. It’s better to push safe.

If you follow my Twitter @rocwieler, you’ll notice I posted a PICTURE immediately after my workout. Thanks for the comments thus far. Your support keeps me going.


Jacuzzi. Long jacuzzi. Wonderful jacuzzi. My jacuzzi. I will speak of your glories until the end of time.

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