Huge Beast – Day 78


Beast Cardio and Abs. Again. Trainer Sagi was really changing it up. All part of getting shredded while maintaining mass. I had to confess, it was a serious struggle to get through this workout. 

I haven’t really talked much about what was going on in my life at that time, and I won’t, as I don’t believe in excuses, but I want to stress two things, and they aren’t self-aggrandizing.

  1. Between corporate work and issues surrounding that, managing relationships, prepping for holidays, trying to get enough sleep, fighting off illnesses that should never affect an immortal, as well as keeping up with my responsibilities as a Colonel in the war, I was exhausted.
  2. When I say exhausted, I’m talking emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically drained. Beaten down. Defeated. Pessimistic, close to depression. It wasn’t a good place, yet each and every day I have maintained the good habits I’ve worked so hard to form.

That was the key to it really. It’s easy to be on the top of the universe when the universe was easy. The real mark of character is overcoming adversity and achieving victories when life was hard. I was sincerely hopeful I would claim that victory in my life before I collapsed.


Workout done. Once again, the beautiful woman in my life was there by my side. She smiled at me, dripping in sweat, and gave me one of the best compliments I had received in a long while. “You’re like a machine.” she said. “You simply refuse to slow down or stop. It’s inspiring.”

It’s those small moments of positive reinforcement that remind of why I did the things I did. Not just healthy lifestyle, but everything.

Fly strong.

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