Huge Beast – Day 60


Bulk Shoulders. Hard to believe it had been 60 days. Fantastic workout. Fantastic jacuzzi and sauna. Fantastic hot shower. Fantastic.

An intimate, albeit vain, insight to share, if you’ll indulge. I’ve never had big shoulders. Big head, big ego, big manhood, obviously. Big shoulders, not so much. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a very funny thing, well, funny to me at least. I’ve been walking into things, bumping off of them. I’ve slammed my shoulders into doorways, off of walls, on car doors, off of people. None of it has been on purpose. My shoulders are growing. It’s not a dramatic increase, barely noticeable to anyone but me I’m sure. It’s just funny how the smallest of changes can affect us. My brain isn’t used to occupying slightly more space and is adjusting poorly apparently.

Still, it’s measured progress, and it’s encouraging.

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