Huge Beast – Day 59


Life is a mean and ironic mistress. The days I want to sleep in, I cannot. The days I can sleep in, I wake up bright and early anyway. Lovely.


Bulk Arms. My bicep had finally stopped aching the night before. Part of me was suspicious that perhaps it was purely mental. I exerted caution as I began the workout but didn’t shy away from the heavy weights.


Both arms were screaming in protest at the sheer level of exertion I was forcing upon them. Nonetheless, I finished the workout and finished it well. That worrisome right bicep? It was sore, but no more so than the other, and was to be expected after the workout I had just performed. Good sign.

I also noticed it was the final week of the Bulk phase of the program. Three weeks of Beast phase and I would be finished. A part of me was saddened by this as the Body Beast program had really yielded impressive results for me. I’d have to start thinking about my next program, the next chapter in my physical journey.

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