Huge Beast – Day 58


Random erections were never fun. Of course it was due to the testosterone stimulator I was taking. Don’t worry, it wasn’t synthetic, dangerous, unhealthy or illegal. No obvious side effects … well, there was the obvious one. The quite obvious one.


Bulk Back. Managed one full set of wide grip pullups. Damn but was that ever motivating. Second attempt was a half set, which was still a marked improvement. Compensated with five heavy weight lat pulldowns to finish off that set. Third set was miserable. I managed three pullups, so seven lat pulldowns. Still, claim the victories where and when you can.


Good workout. Bicep is still clearly impaired. Throbbing, on fire. No stiffness, no tenderness to the touch. I was starting to become concerned, especially considering the next workout was Bulk Arms. I’d have to make a decision on whether to proceed or not, and if I did move forward, would I take it easy? Common sense was conflicting. Part of me wanted to nurse it, take it easy, not risk lasting injury. Part of me knew that sometimes working through it can actually be beneficial and aid in the repair of whatever was wrong. It was a dilemma.

And yes, I said random erections.

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