Huge Beast – Day 57


My bicep was sore. I was tired. I had already established within myself that I hated the leg workout the most. We all know the end result of this private conversation within myself, the wanting to stay in bed, the voices telling me I couldn’t, me listening despite inner protests. I made my way to the gym. Sigh. Yay.


Late start. Wasn’t motivated. Did I mention I hated the Bulk Legs workout?

“May I try this workout with you?” she said in her soft voice. I turned and smiled. “Sure thing, Symone.” I replied.

I had seen Symone around the gym a few times. How she had access to a Capsuleer only facility was probably an entertaining story. She had eyed me over the previous few weeks as I had been doing the Body Beast program. I had thought it was because of the visible progress. Apparently she had simply been wanting to try it out herself.

Symone was beautiful – Sebeistor, olive skinned, dark haired tucked into a cap, her smoldering brown eyes full of life. She was well kept physically, and more importantly, light hearted and likable.

It was exactly what I needed that morning.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again, I’m sure. If you’re both in the correct state of mind, working out with a partner can be amazing – motivational, competitive, rewarding, exhausting. I always pushed harder with a partner, and in turn, pushed my partners as hard as I pushed myself.

Over the years, some had quit, some had collapsed, some had puked, some had never come back. It motivated me, knowing I would always keep pushing myself harder.

Symone wouldn’t quit. I couldn’t break her, and I tried my best. We pushed hard together. We passed our limits together. We made fat cry together. It was a great workout. I was truly impressed with her.

It’s funny when we read the words of another how we start to visualize things in our own unique way. For example, when reading my description of Symone, you probably had a picture painted in your head of what she looked like. We all do that.

Something I didn’t mention until now, with a purpose, was that Symone was 66 years old.

Your excuses just failed.

3 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 57

  1. I also dislike the leg workouts the most. I think I have problems with maintaining the necessary balance.

    There’s a woman whom I’ve seen around my gym quite a bit. She is pretty relentless in her workouts. Yesterday, every time I thought about taking a slightly longer break than Sagi would allow, I looked over and saw this woman pushing through her workout with nary a break. So I sucked it up (as much as I could), and pushed through too.

    Fun stuff. Ok, I’m off to the gym now before the afternoon rush.

  2. LOL! Brilliant. Utterly brilliant 🙂

    Reminds me of training to failure with a mate of mine. He was more stocky and could move heavier weights… but after dropping the weights down and doing triceps for two minutes solid with no sign of having to stop that one rep when he couldn’t…

    Unsure who was more surprised. Me or him 🙂

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