Huge Beast – Day 56


It was almost with boyish glee that I started Bulk Chest. With only a few weeks left, I was overly excited at the results that had been coming in quickly over the last few days. It was incredibly motivating.

I worked out with Rob again. Great spotter. Heavy weights, good times.


Final two reps of a devastating incline press progressive set. I did my best to focus my rage to no avail. “Help!” I said once, followed quickly by “Help. HELP.” Rob finished his last two reps and rushed over, putting his hands under my elbows and essentially doing the last two reps for me. I felt embarrassed but quickly got over myself.


The very last set of decline pushups. The very last exercise of the bulk chest workout. The very last burst of superhuman effort … and I tasted floor. Three pushups left and my chest and arms gave out. Being the smart guy I was, I didn’t twist or turn to protect myself. Instead, I exerted my unshakable will to not collapse and instead smashed my front teeth against the floor in the process.

I swore. A lot.


Shower finished. Post workout shake finished. Time to report for duty. My right bicep was still exhibiting the same levels of sore as I mentioned last week. I’d have to keep monitoring that – make sure it didn’t become an issue.

Fly strong.

3 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 56

  1. Yeah, the “decline pushup turned into a faceplant” is something that I’ve experienced as well. What I do now is do a few that are only 1 or 2 inches deep. I find that wakes up my muscles and gets me ready to do a pushup at the full depth.

    I’ve been noticing some good gains in the past 2 weeks as well, but in different parts of my body I’ve also been noticing some loses. Not happy about that, but I guess that’s what happens when I don’t focus enough on the nutrition and sleep. I’m seeing good muscle development in my arms, chest, shoulders, back and legs, but I’m noticing a little more flab around the stomach area. My overall body fat % has not gone down. 😦

    • My fat climbed back up to 17% during the Bulk Phase. It’s currently down to 15%, which is still up from the 14% I was at. Don’t worry. Soon we’ll be at Beast Phase which is a much lower calorie count and all about shredding what we’ve built. Tighten up that sleep and nutrition and we’ll get there.

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