OOC: Last Man Standing

So there I was unwinding from the usual chaos of my life, relaxed in bed, my beautiful wife beside me, the latest issue of EON Magazine in my hands. I’ve always been a fan. The magazine is a gorgeous piece of work and always delivers. 

I’m reading about ship fits, which I had grown accustomed to from Kirith Kodachi, only to find the phrase “With Kirith Kodachi gone, we ended up with this idiot.” pasted beside the ugly mug of Seismic Stan. Kirith gone? I sighed a little, another player lost. Don’t get me wrong, I like Stan. I just don’t like change.

I then came across an article on the EVE Blog Pack, and the new generation of bloggers, and over in a little box on the right saw a caption called “Last Man Standing” with a piece of art I had done of Roc passed out on his couch from too much drinking. It essentially described me as the last of the 2008 group of EVE bloggers. I blinked and read that again. On the one hand, the box was flattering, citing no surprise that I would still be around, and on the other hand wondering how I write so much so often, but it left me with two reactions:

  1. Really? Everyone else is gone?
  2. How did this happen? How did I not notice? Why did they leave?

Anyway, I wanted to give a quick nod of thanks to Zapatero and the EON crew for this small acknowledgement. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and while there are many complexities to Roc Wieler, I have found him, and EVE Online, to be the most rewarding of creative endeavours thus far.

Hopefully we’ll look back fondly in another four years when I am still the last man standing.

4 responses to “OOC: Last Man Standing

  1. I cocked up a bit with my research there, there are in fact three of you still standing. Keith “Mandrill” Neilson (who accidentally deleted his original banter entry) and Kirith Kodachi, who hasn’t left the community, he’s just not writing that particular feature for EON any more.

    I make further mention of the matter (and you) in my Knights of the Banter blogpost over on Freebooted.

    But in any case, it’s still an admirable achievement to be one of the forefathers of the EVE blogosphere and still going strong. Respect.

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