Huge Beast – Day 54


It amazed me how anyone that does general physical labour could keep their shoulders over their head all day. I had been doing repair work on my Rifter for only a small while and already my shoulders were burning. Still, couldn’t let her see that.

I smiled down at Myxnee, who was laying on her back under the ship, working on a different set of repairs. Ever since we’d gotten married I’d come to appreciate the many aspects of her I hadn’t really had the chance to know before. Retiring from the pirate life had been the best thing for her, and for us.

She smiled back at me, deep and true love in her eyes.

My smile evaporated as I heard the creaking of metal and felt the ship lurch. I pushed my shoulders over my head quickly against the tonnage of the Rifter. One of the repulsor fields must have gone out. Damn Minmatar stations!

“Get out of there!” I screamed at Mynxee, but she was frozen with fear. I pushed harder, forcing the ship back up despite its weight crushing down on me. I wouldn’t lose her. I couldn’t lose her. I let myself get angry. I let the rage flow through my veins, strengthening my resolve, focusing my mind. It didn’t matter that I was tired. It didn’t matter that my shoulders were exhausted. I had to do this. There was no choice.

With forced breath and tightened core I slowly pushed the Rifter higher until my arms were almost fully extended. My face was turning red from the effort, my legs shaking, sweat pouring down my face. I would not give up. Not today. Not ever.

Phew, I said to myself, lowering the two 35 lb dumbbells to my knees. That was intense. Bulk shoulders. Helluva workout.

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