Huge Beast – Day 35


Over seven hours enroute, returning home from a well needed weekend away with a very special lady. The gym closed at 2100 hours. I thought it was open until 2200. 

It was a great weekend away, and a challenge. Eating right while not near your own kitchen can be an obstacle. There are so few healthy choices out there, and often even the choices you think are healthy, are not. There’s that balance of guilt also, feeling like a spoiled princess, asking a ton of questions to your server, ordering off menu, yet we do what we have to do. Nutrition wise I’d say I maintained 75% over the weekend.

Sleep has never been a problem for me, regardless of where I am. Sleep was 100% even while away.

Then there’s exercise. The first day was a well timed rest day, so no worries there. Today was supposed to be legs. I thought of many excuses – everything from “Well, I was away and there was no gym handy” to “I just spent two days straights acting as a mule carrying around far too many shopping bags with no end in sight”, but the bottom line is this:

I missed my workout.

Accountability is important. So now what? Do I double up tomorrow? No. These programs are designed in such a way as to allow your body the rest it requires. Do I skip my rest day? That is an option, yes; one I am seriously considering even though a full rest day is important. Do I simply extend the program by one more day and move forward? Ordinarily that would be my option, but the start date of this program was specific so as to give me the best Christmas present ever, a healthier me.

I’ll figure it out. You will too. Don’t be discouraged when you mess up. Remember, each day is a new one. Live it to the best of your ability.

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