Huge Beast – Day 36


Bulk Legs.

I had come back from some leave time to discover all my communications channels had erupted with activity over my recent news coverage. It was overwhelming and emotional for me. Apparently I had more than the single emotion I acknowledged to myself lurking within.

I took the good with the bad, turning it all into motivation. This morning was one of my best workouts to date and I have you to thank for that. Fly strong.



I do need to point out something about this morning’s workout, and hence, this paragraph is an edit, something I rarely do. I was doing heavy weighted lunges this morning when one of the semi-regular punk ass kids came up to me. I was ready for the confrontation.

“You’re gonna hurt yourself like that.” he said. I wasn’t expecting that, and was intrigued. I had been doing lunges for years now. I was always focused on form.

“Oh?” I asked, pausing the video I was following.

We spent the next several minutes going over my form. It turned out I was arching my spine slightly instead of tightening my core through the upwards half of the lunge. That would be dangerous as the weight increased. He patiently went through a set with me until I got it right. I could feel the difference the subtle adjustment made. It felt more right.

“Thanks.” I said, a natural smile on my face.

“No problem.” he said, putting his headphones back in his ears and walking off.

If we’re willing, we can always grow. Never let yourself think you know it all.



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