Huge Beast – Day 30

Hard to believe I’m already one third of the way through this program. Time certainly flies when you’re getting huge.


Listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs. The inherent problem, of course, is that most people drown out the quiet and sincere voice of their bodies with the shouting wants of their mind. Listen to your body? My body wants Cheetos. No, no it doesn’t. Your mind does. It requires a lot of discipline to shut out your mind and listen to your body.

My body demanded rest.

I had been working for the last twenty-one days straight, averaging fifteen hours per day. In addition to this, I hadn’t missed a single workout, nor a single meeting for the minor politics I dabbled in. I was drained. Regardless of how healthy you think you are, we all have limits. I’ve never drank caf. I don’t use stimulants so perhaps being natural can be viewed as a liability. I don’t see it that way. I sleep well every night, at least those rare nights I am actually alone.

My body buzzer went off at 0530 as it did every day. I simply listened to my body and went back to sleep. I awoke naturally two hours laters feeling rejuvenated, fully refreshed, not a single muscle aching, and ready to get my day started.

That, of course, meant a trip to the gym. Bulk back – the same workout I injured myself on six days prior.


Heaviest weights yet and I feel more than fine. I pushed myself without fear, believing in my body to remember proper form, listening, and my body responded. I’m getting bigger, in a hurry.

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