Huge Beast – Day 28


Bulk Chest. I’m good at this. I’m strong. I’m motivated. I throw on heavier weights. I ace the workout. 


Whoever invented the jacuzzi should be awarded a medal. I can think of nothing better than a nice jacuzzi followed by a relaxing sauna to make things right in the universe. I feel strong. I feel accomplished. I didn’t get dizzy. I didn’t get nauseous, or worse. I didn’t feel like I would die every set.

One might think that meant I didn’t push hard enough. That isn’t true at all. Sometimes you have a good workout. It happens. I did push. I did up the weights. I struggled but I overcame. Don’t always push yourself to the point where injury can occur.


I met up with a former corpmate, Jules, to take care of some business I had that relied on her expertise. It was great to see her. She had introduced me to distance running back in the day, and though I had switched my frame regarding Cardio, Jules still had my respect. She was dedicated, consistent, passionate, and always gave everything she had. In fact, she had even started running clinics to share her enthusiasm with others. While we might not agree on approaches to fitness, and even though she admitted that running is hard on the body, I have to respect and applaud her motivation.

Running is fun.

You should always enjoy what you are doing, and the fact that she is out and doing is far better than most I interact with. Well done, Jules. It was honestly a joy to see you again.

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