Huge Beast – Day 18


Crushed my leg workout. Deep form, heavier weights. It was phenomenal. Only problem – I can hardly walk now. I look and feel like a 70 year old man. That’s not good, not good at all. Time to go stretch some more. I may have overdone it.

What have we learned?

  1. Don’t overdo it
  2. Even if you overdo it, that’s no excuse not to aid in your own recovery. It sucks, but stretch. Your muscles crave it. Your tendons and ligaments need it. Your body wants to stiffen up to compensate. Don’t let it. If you leave it alone, you’ll regret it.

Long, deep stretches, as often as needed, throughout the day. That’s what I have planned.

11 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 18

  1. Yes, you should stretch, and a lot. However, you shouldn’t stretch a cold muscle. So if you’re going to stretch throughout the day, you’ll also need to warm up.

    I find the cool down sections in the Body Beast workouts to be too short. I hold all stretches for about twice as long as they show in the video, and I also add in some stretches that are not part of the video.

  2. I have to disagree on the “dont stretch cold” argument. You have to take it a lot easier on the stretching and hold it for longer times, but you can definitely stretch cold.
    I have, while cold-stretching, come 10cm closer to the ground while doing a sideways split stretch. It takes much longer, but lots of stretches (at least lower body) can be done while doing different activities.

    Nice reading about your work outs, Roc. It is very inspiring to get out in the track and no five up when my back and leg is killing me

    • You’re right in that you can stretch cold, and it sounds like you do it as needed … very cautiously.

      It is recommended that you always warm up first. This will reduce the chances of injury significantly. Besides, a good warmup can take less than 4 minutes, and for me, it’s worth it.

      Thanks for comments about the workouts. I know not every member of audience appreciates them so it’s nice to hear I can affect at least one life.

      o7 Fly strong.

  3. I bailed halfway through the workout this morning. I was feeling lightheaded and completely empty of energy in my muscles. By the time I got to the parallel squats, I could barely do them without any weights in my hands at all. So I stopped the workout all together. I sat on the bench, and almost fell asleep, I was so exhausted. I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I had a decent night’s sleep (6.5 hours, ok, it could have been longer), and I had my pre-workout shake. I added avocado to it, and perhaps that made me feel a little sluggish.

    Was it because this was the “legs” workout, and I already know that I don’t like the legs workout? Was it mental, or an actual physical limitation?

    Worst of all, I had a pretty stressful meeting with a client afterward, and ended up eating 1/2 lb of dark chocolate covered almonds afterward. Not good at all. Yesterday I had an almost perfect eating day, it’s a shame that I just killed it all today with the almonds.

    Tomorrow I’ll get back to the gym. Tomorrow I’ll go shopping for food in the market. Tomorrow will be better.

    • Tomorrow will be better.

      Avacado is a MUFA, or healthy fat. Wrong time of day to eat it. Also, you’re going full clean eating. Your body isn’t sure what to do for the first few days. It’s used to a little slack, much like the 1/2 lb chocolate almonds it demanded of you.

      Stay the course. Force your body to adapt to what you tell it to do. Don’t let it rule you. It will do things like this as a test of will, much like a child pushing its boundaries with a parent.

      Persist. Overcome. Achieve.

    • I know where you’re coming from. I’m a full time blue collar worker with family. I would say the food and the lack of sleep are the culprit, except for perhaps not mentioning how late your workouts are. I know that if I don’t supplement well before-hand, or if I hit the garage 2 hours before bedtime, I drag my feet the whole way. The stress itself might even provide you a boost of energy, imo. Keep your workouts soon after activity or work. In dire circumstances use motivation: music, nasty energy drinks, or Roc’s blog! Sorry for the late reply. I got too busy and put the meta game away for a bit.

  4. “much like a child pushing its boundaries with a parent.”

    Great comparison. One that I can relate to, that’s for sure! I certainly have a stronger will than my 8 year old daughter, so hopefully I have a stronger will than myself!

    Thanks for the support Roc. I’ll stay the course. I’ll persist. If not for my sake, then for the sake of my girlfriend who enjoys running her hands over my muscular shoulders. Who am I to deny her that basic joy?

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