(OOC)On Location: The Eve Online Movie Set


From behind a closed set, Entertainment weekly correspondent Yuri Sang has managed to grab an exclusive interview with one of the main actors of this star studded cast, Vin Diesel, who portrays an as yet unnamed character in the film.

EW: Vin, it’s common knowledge that you’re a huge fan of science fiction and gaming, and have been a strong advocate for the industry. What can you tell us about your character in the Eve Online movie?

Vin: I love gaming and I love a strong, complex character. Without going too much into detail I can tell you I play a Minmatar character, a retired military Colonel. He’s introverted, pensive, yet thrown into the spotlight in this script. Watching him unfold as the reluctant hero throughout the film is only part of the powerful script inked by the extraordinary team of writers on the project. Besides, the concept sketches look just like me (laughs). How could I say no to that?

EW: You mentioned Minmatar. What is that exactly?

Vin: The universe of Eve Online is based in the distant future, where mankind has travelled through space further than anything we could possibly fathom. In the eons that have passed since this new group of settlers arrived in the New Eden cluster, four main empires have evolved. The Minmatar are one of those races. They are a complex people, once enslaved by another of the races, the Amarr, but having rebelled once, now find themselves in the midst of a second civil war. They are very tribal, very primitive in some senses, but fiercely aggressive and loyal to their way of life. That, and they use a lot of duct tape (laughs).

EW: Is there anything else you can tell us about the story?

Vin: We’re still pretty early into filming, so I can’t say much. What I will tell you is that if you think you know sci-fi, think again. Eve Online is a harsh, dark, unforgiving universe and with some of the CG being used in this film, you literally won’t believe your eyes. The nice thing though is that it’s not all about the shiny. You’re going to be completely immersed into the story. You’ll walk out of the theatre believing “Eve is real”.

EW: Thanks for your time. We’re really looking forward to this film, scheduled for release in early 2015.

Vin: My pleasure, darlin’.

Visit back often as we continue to follow the development of this epic motion picture.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a completely fictional interview for entertainment purposes only. Let a man dream.

7 responses to “(OOC)On Location: The Eve Online Movie Set

  1. hahaha very well done. Although when i read Vin saying “You’ll walk out of the theatre believing “Eve is real”.” i thought hoax… and then i read the last line at the bottom claiming what it is. Excellent work sir

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