Huge Beast – Day 15

You can always tell who is new to working out. By new I don’t necessarily mean one who has only being doing it a short time. By new, I am referring to mentality, those that don’t really get it, haven’t really grown in their knowledge, those that continue to risk injury to themselves and those around with every single move they make. They are dangerous. Avoid them at all costs.

For example, I was just finishing off my shoulders routine, dripping sweat, completely exhausted, and struggling with seated six way shoulder raises. I was using ten pound weights per arm, breathing forcefully during exertion, and shaking badly. I maintained focus and control, determined to get through that last set of my fifty minute routine.

Of course, this punk ass kid had no idea what I had just gone through. For all he knew or cared, I was just some weak old man who thought he was all that and couldn’t even manage 10 lb shoulder raises. I used that rush of anger to fuel myself.

You may be wondering how I even knew he had any condescension in his attitude. Maybe I was just projecting? I’ll let you judge for yourself. As he walked by me, his thick lower back belt strapped tight against his gut, he looked at me, smirked, shook his head and made a derisive snort. Still think I was imagining it?

I ignored it. I wasn’t in the mood to have to explain to station security why there was a ten pound weight embedded in the wall with a civilian skull crushed under it.

What made it even worse of course, was to watch this punk ass snot load up a barbell with far too much weight, then proceed to throw his back into every single bicep curl he did, all while throwing his elbows up, holding his breath, turning red, then dropping the bar loudly to the floor for everyone to see his mighty accomplishment when he was finished. Part of me wanted to put him through one day of basic training. Part of me was glad he would never have to do such a thing, and that we would never server in the Republic militia.

I finished my shoulder routine, then proceeded to my ab workout. Note for anyone reading this. You don’t have to go long to make it effective. My routine lasted twenty minutes. It felt like three days of hell. That’s how I know I’m doing it right.

3 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 15

  1. I think I exerted my lower back too much when I was doing the EZ Bar Underhand Press during this workout. I guess that means that I need to lower the weight. Maybe I need to focus on tightening my core at the same time? Anyway, something for me to be careful about!

      • I had this kids problem when I was younger. Good lats, and triceps to rest on them helps your form very much. Placing your back against a narrow beam will assure you don’t do more weight than you should. I curled 75 but only weighed 145. It was hard not to lean, but this helped.

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