Huge Beast – Day 14

I don’t care who you are, doing a set of ten wide grip pull-ups as the end of a three move giant set while maintaining good form is a near impossible task. Doing that entire set three times, with a drop set at the end is something I have yet to accomplish properly. It’s good to have goals.Back and biceps, my two worst body parts. Sure, we all have areas of our bodies we’re not happy with. Some of us accept our deficiencies and move on, often not happy with ourselves but too lazy to do anything else about it. Living with guilt takes less effort than forcing change. That should be a Roc’s Rule.

Still, of all the workouts I do, back and biceps is the hardest for me. I’m already seeing huge results on my biceps, and if you’ve seen my pictures recently, you’ll know that my back is looking good as well.

That’s what progress pictures are for. They motivate. Every time I think about slacking off during back and biceps, I think of my recent photos, I think of how far I have come, and dig deeper, finding that buried spark of determination that will get me through the next rep.

I can’t think about the next set. I can’t think about the next exercise. I can’t think about the next workout. My entire focus goes into each and every repetition. It must be perfect. It must be as good as the first one because in my mind it is the only one that exists.

This is how I get results. What motivates you?

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