Double J – A Success Story

Consistency pays off. Period.

As some of you may know, I like to equip people for success. Whether that’s to be a better pilot or in better health, or both, or more, I try to do my best to lead by example, drawing from my own accumulated knowledge base and experience. The more I do, the more I can relate to the struggles of others.

Case in point – Double J.

Double J has been training with me for a few months now. Maybe just over half a year. He’s been eager, consistent, constantly asking for feedback and tips, and has become a great success story. If he so chooses, I’ll let him share his progress and pictures.

I do have to talk about last night, however.

Often Double J will text me with successes, and with failures. Failures are a part of learning. We all struggle. Success is only the act of overcoming failure; should be a Roc’s Rule.

I always respond to his texts, offering encouragement where I can, and sharing joy in his accomplishments.

Last night, however, he called me. He felt compelled to call me – texting wasn’t enough.

He was ecstatic. Overjoyed. Triumphant. As we continued talking, his passion and enthusiasm grew, as did mine. He had earned this confidence.

You see, two years ago, Double J climbed the CN Tower. For those of you not familiar with this world renowned tower, it has 1776 steps to the main observation deck.

Two years ago he did it in 35 minutes.

Last night he did it in 14 minutes. That’s actually an incredible time.

He’s worked hard. He’s been consistent, though there is room for tightening up the nutrition there (haha, public accountability). My friend, I share in your victory. I take no credit for it in any way. I may have helped to equip you, but it is you, and only you, that did all the work.

As a side note, after the phone call, it turned out we were in the same area, so he came by for a quick visit, and to get some tips on form he wasn’t sure on. So there we are, in a dark city alley, doing exercise forms in front of a group of smokers. It was quite hysterical really.

Double J looks great. He is noticeably thinner where it matters, and his traps and shoulders have come out of nowhere. His chest is held high, his confidence easy to come by, and his smile genuine.

It’s not just about your body, it’s about your mind. He is a new person on a new chapter of his life.

I am proud of him, and so very happy for him.

Keep it up.

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