Fanfest 2012 – The Legend of Katrin

DISCLAIMER: To any family members reading these posts. Please understand they are for are my fans, and do not necessarily reflect real events. Roc has an image to uphold. As for Marcus, I miss my wife more than anything and wish she was here to take part in the adventures.

It didn’t take me long last night to follow the scent of nerd sweat to the nearby Icelandic Bar. I saw Michael Bolton III there, and a little piece of the man in me died. I ran into Keith Neilson, who had done up his hair in the popular Gallente style of late, shocking red spikes. It suited him, I suppose. The usual suspects were there, and much fun was had.

I returned much later that evening to my room to wind down with the Icelandic porn I had talked about, but by the time I hit the bed, I was asleep.

This morning I enjoyed a large breakfast with a breathtaking view. I had forgotten how beautiful Iceland is when there isn’t rain and fog everywhere. Afterwards, I decided I want to enjoy a hot pool. Conveniently, there is one in my hotel.

In my room I got naked, and wanting to respect the traditions surrounding me, headed downstairs.

I met another man in the elevator, not naked, and realized I had misjudged tradition. I broke the ice. “I’m naked.” I said. “Looks just like the rest of us.” he replied.

“Except bigger.” I added. We both laughed.

The hostess escorted me to the hot pool, then politely pointed out that I am not required to be nude in my travels. “Darlin, I did this for your enjoyment.” She blushed, walking away.

The hot pools in Iceland are amazing. And they are also a quick and convenient way for nerds to employ both hygiene and social skills at the same time. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

While relaxing in the pool, aromatherapy candles burning, I thought of Katrin.

I had met her in the commercial port prior to arriving here.

She was everything a man could fantasize about – tall, beautiful, fit, a smile that could disarm most ships. I was immediately on my guard. I had learned from my past that any pretty lady that looked dangerous usually was. Thanks for that, Mynxee.

She was charming, likable, and we quickly found ourselves engaged in conversation. I gave her the obligatory signed autograph and WWRD bracelet, and she in turn wanted to have a live photo of me.

While the hot waters swirled around me I remembered that there was also Katrin facial tissue in my bathroom. I chuckled.

I wound down my routine with a hot sauna. When I say hot, I mean I couldn’t even sit, so stood in the middle of it for less than five minutes before having to leave. They do things right here.

A quick shower, and I am returned to my room.

Sadly, it’s time to leave you, dear reader, as I just got a call from downstairs. Some friends have arrived. Should be a fun time.

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