Roll Call

I was just thinking about the first 30 days program and how truly hard it is to change ourselves.

We all have noble intentions. None of us like to admit that we are not at our best, whether it’s a bit of flab, creaky joints, out of breath all the time; we all like to think we’re at the top of our game.

To be broken, as I have alluded to many times, is a difficult experience to go through.

30 days of strict nutrition throws our bodies into shock. It isn’t used to being disciplined.

30 days of intense exercise when we haven’t exercised can be more than our systems allow, and will shut us down at times.

30 days of life changing habits, no matter how hard, can benefit us a lifetime.

And yet I’ve been reviewing all the Day 0 threads. They are mysteriously silent. It makes me sad. Daemon, Harlon, Double J, Alex, the rest; where have they gone?

Did they give up? Was it too much for them?


I wish we knew. I wish they would post in order that I can reach out to them, offer encouragement, offer more instruction.

There’s really no excuse with today’s technologies. I’ve started doing FaceTime sessions, Skype sessions, whatever is needed to demonstrate good form for people. I’ve started filming videos for every single exercise within the First 30 program. I’m even going to go back and edit it so that it requires no equipment at all.

What’s your excuse? Why aren’t there more Day 0 posts here? Where are the ones already committed?

Have I failed them? Have they failed themselves?

We may never know.

7 responses to “Roll Call

  1. Well I’m still here at least, havn’t been that good at upkeeping my posts life has gotten a bit rough lately… and by a bit rough I’m talking catching my now ex-fiancee cheating on me and my hours being cut from 42 to less than 10 a week kind of rough. But i’ve been keeping going even if it hasn’t been as regular as I’d like. more periodic high intensity bursts a couple times a week when the stress gets to be too much. But still, I am here, and I am pushing forward.

  2. Failed? FAILED?!?!?! Hell no. Well, I failed at updating my day 0 page.. and I had to take it easier (as in do mostly cardio and the 5 minute workouts) for a week a few weeks back as I was helping a friend move house unless lifting heavy furniture counts as weightlifting.

    Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I decided to move up to 2 workouts a day. One (mainly cardio) in the morning using my kinect and UFC trainer (I find it to be better than Your Shape), and one in the afternoon using the TRX you sent me and some weights I have from a long time ago. It keeps me busy while I’m unemployed.

    BUT… proof or STFU right?

    You’ll get your proof on 9th November. Day 90.

    I look forward to it.

  3. Nope! I haven’t failed, haven’t given up, and haven’t given in. I’ve stayed about 90% true to course.

    Areas that I could use improvement on:
    — eating at the right times (sometimes it’s an hour after I wake before I eat, and sometimes it’s after 8am) sometimes lunch is a little more than 4 hours after breakfast
    — making my exercises as strenuous as possible. I know that sometimes I don’t give 100%.
    — portion control – while it’s the right foods, it may not be limited to 6oz (it might go up to 9oz some meals, but with no more than 3oz of that being meat)
    — I’m not getting 7+ hours a night of sleep (although I feel great when I do)

    Things I’m good at:
    — no booze in the past 12 days (even though I’d kill for a shot of 15 year old rum tonight!)
    — no eating after 7pm (ok, I’ve had a few almonds, but that’s about it)
    — sticking to the menu – I’ve avoided all of my usual suspects when it comes to bad foods – granola bars, chicken patties, entire sleeves of soda crackers with peanut butter, entire bags of chips, hamburgers, ice cream, 2L Diet Cola per day, etc…

    Things I’ve done that have tested my will:
    — resisted 2 batches of cookies my roommate baked
    — eating out a restaurant where I ended up taking half my food to go
    — going to a conference with free breakfast, and free pop all day. I packed my lunch that day and went to the grocery store at the lunch break to buy my afternoon snack
    — shopping in Kensington Market, while hungry, without stopping at my favourite places to have an (unhealthy) snack
    — going out with a friend on a Saturday night who wanted to eat and drink, and all I had was a single Perrier
    — going to Tim Horton’s at a break during class, and only ordering a caffeine free tea

    Foods that I have learned to love:
    — oatmeal, with some vanilla or cinnamon, and possibly some mashed up berries
    — chinese broccoli
    — turkey breast – it’s all about the seasoning: try some fresh rosemary with ground pepper

    People who have been a huge source of support for me:
    — Roc!
    — my girlfriend (who happens to eat a gluten free diet, so that helps with a lot of empty carbs right there)
    — my two roommates who are very healthy eaters (despite baking the cookies!)
    — my daughter, who keeps reminding me that I’ve given up diet cola

    What I’m looking at doing next:
    — getting a better food scale
    — getting a Body Composition Monitor
    — ordering a TRX (in anticipation of the workout schedule after this initial 30 days)
    — possibly getting a heart rate monitor
    — exploring the option of using the gym at Ryerson, where I teach part-time

    My results so far:
    — I feel a lot more energized
    — I’ve lost some weight
    — I’m thinking about food way more than I ever have. By thinking about it, and planning around it, I control it in a way that I never have before. I know exactly what my next three meals are going to be, when my snacks are, and know that I can look forward to that food. It also simplifies grocery shopping a lot

    I love it so far Roc! Thank you so much!

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