Roctober Fitness Challenge – Day 2

Something I should’ve mentioned yesterday, but didn’t, is that I know we’re all at different levels of physical fitness. This program is designed as a thirty day introduction for those that want to get in shape, but maybe aren’t sure how to start, or want a little kick start as their current routine may have reached a plateau.

It’s important to note that this program also assumes you are in good physical health, as in, you don’t have any medical injuries or conditions that would require a more specialized programs. Your knees are good, your hips, your shoulders, etc.

If you have any medical injuries or conditions, please consult your physician before attempting these exercises. In fact, everyone should always talk with their doctor before attempting any new changes to their bodies. With all the bad information out there online, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

On that note, here’s your second day. Enjoy.

DAY 2Circuit 1:
wide grip pullups – to fail
pullups – to fail
lunges – 25  per leg
1 minute hill run at incline 10 – 5.5 mph women, 8 mph menCircuit 2:
seated hamstring curls – 15 reps
step ups – 20 per leg
1 minute hill run at incline 10 – 5.5 mph women, 8 mph menCircuit 3:
crab walk – 10 steps forward
reverse plank – 5 leg lifts per leg
crab walk – 10 steps back
reverse plank – 5 leg lifts per leg
supermans – 20 reps, hold last rep for at least 20 seconds
reverse crunches – 25 reps
mountain climbers – 1 minute, high intensityCircuit 4:
pendulum lunges with hammer curls – 10 reps per leg
hammer curls – to fail
static lunges with reverse cable fly – 10 per leg
1 minute hill run at incline 10 – 5.5 mph women, 8 mph men

Circuit 5:
1 leg pelvic thrusts – 15 reps per leg
toe touch crunches – 25 reps
mountain climbers – 1 minute

7 responses to “Roctober Fitness Challenge – Day 2

  1. Roc;

    What do you recommend for the “wide grip lat pulldown” and the “seated hamstring curls” if I don’t have the equipment at home? I’d really like not to have to go to the gym to do these workouts in my first 30 days (for fear of using that as an excuse not to work out!)


    • Did you pick up the swiss ball? If so, here’s a killer one:

      As for the lat pull down, you mentioned you have a pull up bar. While wide grip pull ups are more challenging, they are the same as wide grip lat pull downs.

      What you can do is use a chair for assist. Maintain proper form, trying not to use the legs, but know they are there for a little boost when needed.

      • Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I’ll be sure to do them the next time leg curls and wide grip pull downs appear on the workout rotation! (Starting day 7 now, a day of rest, and feeling great!)

    • Keep it up! I stopped counting what day I was at somewhere after Day 60. Roc is right – your body will adapt really quickly.

      Also, if your body is hurting the next day, it’s because you didn’t stretch enough at the end of the workout the day before. Roc’s workouts don’t actually include a warmup and cool down phase, but they are just as important, and you need to factor them in as well (be sure to leave enough time to do them).

      Way to go! Day 3 is next, and before you know it, you’ll be done your 30 days, and well onto being fit.

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