I am Roc

For the first time in four years, I have found myself without a corporate gym. I’d like to say that’s one on the list of excuses for not staying 100% with my routine as of late. Truth is, a list of excuses is a list of excuses.

Today, I was reminded of who I am, the favoured son of New Eden.

I stopped by my financial institution, and one of the friendlier staff was there to greet me, as always. He asked how things were going with me, to which I replied, “My corporation has seen fit to enter me into unemployment.” to which he replied “Congratulations.” reminding me of how talented, passionate and approachable I am; that someone of my caliber won’t be without work for long. We spoke for a good fifteen minutes, and if you’re reading this, thank you.

Then I stopped at my local nutrition center to pick up some Casein slow release protein. I came across a young trio of fitness enthusiasts, two brothers and a sister I believe. They were eager, excited even, but ill equipped to make the choices at hand. It wasn’t for lack of research; it was more due to all the conflicting information available out there to them.

I spent some time with them, letting them know the pros and cons when getting started, recommended a few basics until they are sure they are committed to the effort ahead, and referred them to my blog. Should we see them here, I will be pleased. I left feeling good about myself, reminded twice today of who I am and why I do what I do.

Then I received the private comm from Katia Sae, what a sweetheart. I won’t share the details, but darlin, you lifted my heart. Thanks again for being so genuine, so caring, so concerned, and so consistent. Lip service is easy, but you’ve been with me every step of that way, and for that you have my gratitude.

YC 113 has broken launch day sale expectations. You guys are awesome! I was hopeful for a warm reception, but as always you have exceeded my dreams. I am a very fortunate man.

Finally today I joined a new gym, and yes, there will be videos coming. This gym is fantastic! I had a terrific workout, a real workout, pushing myself beyond my own limits: 300 lb shrug sets, free weight dumb bells up to 90 lbs, assisted pull up machines … it’s Roc Heaven.

Did I mention the jacuzzi? Sure, my pod during combat heats up pretty good, but there is definitely stress associated with that scenario whereas in the hot tub I could just let all my worries melt away. I feel like a new clone.

I know I was supposed to post some Roctoberfest stuff today, but with everything else going on, you’re just going to have to settle for this, a new fitness challenge.


While doing each circuit, no rest between exercises. 1 minute rest between circuits. This might not be a new program to some of you that have been with me since the beginning, but it’s a solid program for those just starting out, or those that want a good refresher. It’s all about form, pushing your muscles to their limits quickly, understanding how recovery works, and committing to this healthy lifestyle.

So, if you’re up for it, let’s spend 30 days together working out.

Circuit 1
10 pushups
10 wide grip pushups – arms as far apart as possible
squats – 50 fast
1 minute sprint (7 mph women) or (9 mph men)

Circuit 2
plank – 10 seconds
close grip pushups – 5 reps
side planks with inner thigh raise – 10 reps, flip back into plank, hold for 5 seconds
close grip pushups – 5 reps
side planks with inner thigh raise – 10 reps, flip back into plank, hold for 5 seconds
burpies – straight from plank, 10 reps
sumo squats – 50 reps
1 minute sprint (7 mph women) or (9 mph men)

Circuit 3
frog pushups – 20 reps
squat thrusts – 20 reps, then hold static squat for 30 seconds
W shoulder press with leg extension – 10 reps per leg
jump rope for 1 minute

Circuit 4
bench dips – to fail
static lunges with lateral shoulder raise – 10 reps per leg
mountain climbers – 1 minute
boat pose – hold for 30 seconds

Circuit 5
jumping jacks – 1 minute
bicycle crunches – 25 per leg
extended plank – hold for 30 seconds

You should be able to find all of these exercises on YouTube. If not, ask in the comments section, and I’ll either provide pictures or video of the exercise myself.

7 responses to “I am Roc

  1. This is a pretty interesting circuit workout, but something was bothering me as I read through it. Eventually I figured it out–9 mph isn’t really a sprint. I thought sbout why that bothered me for a little bit, and realized that it was because none of the weight exercises specified weights. If the goal is a scaling workout, why specify a speed for the speed section?

    • I like good questions.

      While this is only Day 1 of the program, there is a bit of high intensity interval training mixed in there on purpose, specifically the treadmill. It elevates the heart rate quickly, exhausts the cardio, and makes sure you’re ready to take this seriously.


      It’s important to have a benchmark for yourself. Because it is a progressive workout, some people don’t push themselves hard enough. The treadmill is the killer pivot point in this workout. Everything after that seems that much harder.

      If you are unable to run the treadmill, you could try using an elliptical at high speed, but the results won’t be the same. I do understand of course, not everybody is at the same point of physical fitness.

      I will mention this in Day 2.

      Thanks for the question. I hope I’ve answered it well.

  2. I’m glad I was part of a day that lifted your spirits. Also glad to see you back in the gym. As one door closes, new and exciting ones open. To hear your YC113 has exceeded expectations? That should be no surprise. šŸ˜‰ I’d like to add Aura (Remix) as another one of my favorites.

  3. Wow Roc. Day 1 was today. Managed to get thru it in one go without puking but man. Some muscles there I haven’t used in ages! Once I got thru the initial “HOLYSHITBALLS haven’t done THIS in forever!!!!” actually felt OK. Well, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow lol — that’s the real test. šŸ™‚

    • Glad to hear it. The first two days are tough, but then it starts to feel natural. Keep with it!

      Also dig around the site for nutritional tips. Nutrition is so much more of it than exercise!

      Congrats on not puking. I should make TShirts or something for that.

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