While Christmas still remains the favourite holiday of many a capsuleer, the second greatest festival of the year is definitely #Roctoberfest ! Why the hash tag? Because I believe #Roctoberfest should be spread around Twitter for all to enjoy!

Beer, women, feats of heroism; it’s like the old times meeting the new, and it will continue all month long! Check back often, as the day you don’t may be the day there is an #Roctoberfest event you could’ve won!


I know many authors that personally use the month of Roctober as a practice period for #nanowrimo, that is National November Writer’s Month, which is also great fun, but not everybody can writer lengthy pieces for audiences to consume, plus many audiences prefer TL;DR sometimes.

So for this first event you’re going to write a story. Not just any story either. You’re going to write a story that somehow involves Roc Wieler. You can’t be him. You can’t really write as him. This story should be of your own creation, perhaps involving your character interacting with the retired Colonel? Perhaps just something involving him on GalNet. It could be anything. It can be derogatory, comical, serious, romantic, adventerous, all of the above.

Flex your writing muscles and celebrate #Roctoberfest !


As always, I’m going to rely on my readers to offer up prizes to make this event worthwhile. My contribution? I’ll write a story on this blog for the winner. That’s really all I have to offer at this point, but we’ll see how interest goes.

  • 1x Republic Fleet Firetail


  • You may only submit one entry for this event
  • Entries must be received by Friday October 7th, 2011, at 11:59 PM EST.
  • A winner will be announced on Monday October 10th
  • Post your link in the comments below, and if you use Twitter, make sure to post your entry with the #Roctoberfest hashtag!

7 responses to “#Roctoberfest

  1. Well, since you helped motivate me to get started, I’ll offer up a Republic Fleet Firetail as one of the prizes. But I must know, will this preclude me from participating as well?

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