Daemeon Fyral – Day 0

One of the toughest things for any of us is to hold ourselves accountable to others. There’s a whole “team shame” mentality about it because we’re honestly used to failing ourselves, and we’ve developed strong mechanisms for rationalization, but letting down others isn’t something any of us should be comfortable with.

I put out a Day 0 post for Harlon Mathuin not too long ago. Harlon is continuing to work strong, and I’m looking forward to his three month update. Someone else inspired by Harlon’s public accountability is Daemeon, who was also doing his due diligence in the TRX 21 day challenge I posted a while back.

A small quote from the email:

When I was thinking about it a big part of what caused me too fall off the wagon last time was the lack of accountability, if its alright with you I’d like to ask for your help with that.

My reply?

Son, consider yourself held accountable.

So, without my continued rambling, here is Daemeon’s Day 0 pic.

I applaud anyone that can put themselves out there like this, ask for help, and then put in the work to improve their lifestyle. As I said in my reply email, you can post to me, email me, whatever you need from me in order that I can better assist in your efforts.

That applies to any of my readers wanting and willing to change their lives.

Let’s do this Daemeon!

40 responses to “Daemeon Fyral – Day 0

  1. Awesome Daemeon, simply awesome. Keep at it mate.

    If you’re still playing EVE feel free to drop me an EVE mail anytime. Roc is, of course, much better for workout tips.. but if you need some encouragement then feel free. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

    That’s 2 of us who’ve made ourselves accountable… whose next?

  2. Day 2: Cardio

    Full body stretching/flexibility training.

    5 minutes skipping “rope” (It was the old martial arts belt that also doubles as my makeshift TRX Huzzah for creative adaptation haha)

    4Km Jog… which ended up being more of a power walk with jogging sections involved and i’m not sure if it counts because it was going grocery shopping but hey, better than driving right.

    Today couldn’t push as hard as I would have liked. but it did help me come to a decision that I think will be even harder than the 21 days. Made the decision to quit smoking after 10 years. only being able to jog about a block before coughing up a lung is just way to much for me.

    So thats day 2, and also day 0 of healthier lungs.

    • Power walking counts. Carrying groceries home counts. I do that often as it’s a wicked trapezius workout.

      Every bead of sweat counts. Every exertion, every step forward.

      Keep doing what you’re doing.

      As for cigarettes, I gave up smoking two years ago. I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle but kept smoking, just cut down. Cutting down is good enough, right? Then I started running marathons and found out during my training that it was either smoking or a healthy lifestyle. I chose the latter.

      What worked for me was drinking the biggest glass of water I could find every time I had a craving. Might not work for you, but my mind started replacing the nicotine craving with one for water, and that’s definitely a good thing.

      I’m so very proud of you.

  3. day 3

    legs hurting pretty bad, but not enough that I have a limp… yet…
    Got off to an early start, rolled out of bed and started the day off with 100 pushups and 100 situps. alternating that with squats and lunges will probably become my standard “I have a busy day ahead” routine.

    as for the day 1 of the quitting smoking, not off to as good of a start there since out of pure habit I woke up and lit up my pipe which had the last of my tobacco in it and only halfway through did I remember that I’m supposed to be quitting. but hey, least it reminded me to do some exercise right?

    Tonight and tomorow morning will be my real trial by fire for both due to a going away party for my best mate. both to avoid smoking while out at the bar drinking and to push through the inevitable hangover tomorow and actually exercise, but what the hell no one ever said this shit was gonna be easy.

  4. Day 4:

    By far the hardest day yet, legs still aching a little same with the abs, arms and chest no pain at all but then again I realised I wasn’t doing the pushups properly so that may have something to do with it.

    attempted to do the pushups again properly this time did a set of 20, a set of 10 and then collapsed in a crying heap at number 8 of the next set.

    The nicotine withdrawal is starting to hit me REALLY hard, feels like my skin is on fire half the time, its getting hard to concentrate on just about anything else. not sure if its a blessing or not that I don’t work today. Only saving grace is that there is just one more day before the physical symptoms will start to go away, after that its all mental.

    • Day 4.2

      Got pissed off at lack of nicotine, felt like my skin was going to crawl off my bones so I grabbed a budy of mine and hit the gym. spent a good 2 hours there, started off with a jog then moved on too curls and bench press. Had to stop there however as I was a bloody idiot and didn’t listen to my body, tweeked something in my left shoulder. doesn’t feel too bad right now so hopefully it will clear up in the next day or two. decided it would be safer to stop than push through and possibly cause some REAL damage though.

      Question… does this count as my day 5 workout? I mean it is almost midnight :p

      • It should count as your day 5 rest phase … it’s important to give your muscles time to rest.

        A good rule of thumb, large muscles groups need at least a full day to recover, smaller muscles you can workout every day: so thighs, quads, buttocks, chest, core are every other day; shoulders, trapezius, arms, calves are every day.

        I workout like a fiend during the work week. Weekends I don’t do anything unless I’m training others.

        You have to listen to your body.

  5. Day 5
    Due to budgetary constraints I was unable to catch a bus to work, turned out to be a blessing in disguise however because it gave me the chance to go for a 6km hike/jog.
    Used my break time to do some additional aerobic exercises, jumping jacks mostly. great way to kill 15 minutes instead of smoking.
    All in all a pretty good day, and gives me quite a bit of confidence that even with my stupid work schedule I can still maintain the challenge.

  6. Day 6, jog/walked to work again today, think I might start making a habit out of it. on lunch tried to do the four minutes of hell pushup routine. managed to crank out 30 pushups total. Finished off the day with a half Km jog to the bus stop and an hour of sword and shield training when I got home.

    On the quitting smoking side of things, I broke down a little today and had half a smoke with a co-worker over lunch. Not the end of the world but still a disappointment to me. just gotta keep at er.

    • Stay strong friend. The reason drinking water to overcome nicotine works is because it’s reprogramming your brain to associate the craving with something positive and healthy. If that isn’t working, there is the opposite approach…

      Find a healthy food you hate. For me, it was liver. I can’t stand the taste of it, the texture of it, the smell of it, nothing. So when I wanted to quit smoking, I would cook up liver. Every time I got a craving, I would eat a piece. Pretty soon my brain knew that if I craved nicotine, I would have to suffer eating liver. I stopped getting cravings.

  7. Day 7
    Skipped the jog to work this morning, my feet where just hurting way too badly. did manage to squeeze in a quick jog over my lunch hour though as well. have a friend coming over now for some martial arts practice so that should help round out my day.

    The quitting is getting a little bit easier. had a couple tough moments through the day but was able to push through, think I might be over the worst of it. although the REAL challenge comes tomorow night when i’m bouncing at a night club. standing outside all night surrounded by smokers. will just have to keep reminding myself of why i’m doing it.

    • If it was easy, you wouldn’t be here. Keep it up.

      Also, when you get a chance, get fitted for proper running shoes. Once I did that, I couldn’t believe the difference in running. Proper shoes are everything. Go to a place like the Running Room. They won’t just sell you shoes, they’ll take the time to help you figure out what type of shoe you need, as well as giving you advice on your running form.

      • Actually that was going to be my first stop tomorow after picking up my paycheck. well that and the army surplus store for some new boots that don’t make my feet bleed. Also looking into picking up some weights for use at home and a blender so the shakes won’t be quite so… chunky… all in all though i’m honestly feeling better than I have in YEARS and thats after only one week.

        • Don’t bother buying weights for home. There’s never going to be a need. Save your money.

          If you must, buy a kettlebell, a 25 lb one, and if you’re feeling ambitious, a 50 lb one.

  8. Day 8

    Spent 12 hours wearing my 20 lb chainmail and did ALOT of running around and marching while doing errands. Ended up having to fight 3 guys at work tonight, ever seen what happens to a 150ish lb guy who gets body slammed into the ground by a 220 lb man wearing that much metal… honestly kinda funny.
    Oh, and I managed to convince the DJ to play Last Call for last call Roc has officially made it to the club scene in vancouver :p

    On another note, decided to try out the Brutor thunder energy drink on a lark. Lesson learned, do not drink unless you are willing and able to run a marathon, fight a bear, cure cancer and calculate the optimal escape velocity of every object you see SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!

    If you will excuse me, I must now find a bear.

  9. Day 9

    Rest day as ordered :p well for the most part, already did a couple chinups pushups and 30 lb curls earlier this morning while still buzzing from the energy drink of doom.

    Will be doing some stretching and flexibility training later to help with muscle recovery.

  10. Day 10

    Did 20 inchworm/jumping burpy combo pushups. (inchworm down, pushup, pull legs in and thrust back out, inchworm up, double knee jump repeat)

    just got back from dancing at the club spent a good 3 hours on the dance floor. feels good to be able to do that again without running out of breath. had a really good time and cheeper than normally because of lack of alcohol.

    Still working on the diet, finding it really hard to eat in the mornings found that drinking a glass of O/J with Greens+ powder a banana and some multi vitamins have been tolerable though (anything heavier makes me a bit nauseous actually)

  11. Day 11

    Went for a good long jog around the sea wall with a friend, with some HIIT running to really push myself (thought I was going to puke once or twice but managed to keep it down BARELY)

    After a quick shower/shave went out dancing, first time at the club without getting drunk and TBH I actually enjoyed it more. Did have a bit of a lapse with the smoking though, but hey, after 15 years I didn’t expect it to be easy and while I did break down I found I could only handle half a smoke at a time when before I’d go through 2 easy.

    Day 12

    30 minutes of martial arts practice before work.
    3 minutes of a situp/standup/doublepunch/breakfall combo before I ran out of energy and simply collapsed on the last rep. (my goal is 10 minutes)

    Finished off with jogging too and from the bus stop (only 5 blocks but hey every little bit helps I figure)

  12. Day 13

    Rest day, mostly focused on stretching and flexibility training, did still do the jogg too and from the bus stop and work but thats more or less become a daily habit at this point.

    I didn’t actually want to take a rest day today, wasn’t feelling like I needed it but to keep on schedule I had to. Muscles just arn’t aching as much anymore if at all, guess that just means I havn’t been pushing myself hard enough.

    • It might not be that you aren’t pushing hard enough. Remember, our bodies are amazing at adapting to what we do. Look at how we got fat in the first place.

      It could be that your body has simply gotten used to what you have been doing. That means it’s time to switch it up.

      So, think about what exercise routines you’ve been doing, and for the next two weeks do something radically different to shock your system anew.

      Instead of long jogs, do short interval sprints. Instead of cardio, do isometrics. Instead of bodyweight, do cones training. Anything to shock your system.

      As you continue educating yourself on all the different ways you can exercise, you’ll be amazed how quickly it becomes second nature and you can respond as naturally to your body as it responds to you.

  13. Day 14.

    Lesson learned, chainmail + no shirt underneath it + 10 hours of standing and marching = really really funny welts in neck and shoulders.

    Apart for that and my customary jogging I wasn’t actually able to do much else today, Just getting home now with barely enough time for a shower and sleep before work tomorow.

  14. Day 15… oh dear gods was today an interesting day, was able to get in 50 pushups and situps, was planning on doing more when I got home but ended up being called in to do a double shift so that isn’t gonna happen… sleep time now.

        • Bah, i’ve been dealing with ninja’s much much longer, 19 years of martial arts a black belt in combat ju-juitsu and a black belt in bu-juitsu (An even more pissed off version of ju-juitsu that focuses on weapons) and a brown belt in nin-jitsu… hell at this point I AM a bloody ninja.

          No no… this was something even more terrifying. crack heads fiending for drugs who decide that my place of employment is a great place to argue over prices with their dealer.

  15. Day 17, inchworm pushups and situps followed by a night of dancing.

    Day 18, sleep, lots of sleep. rest is good…. oh and tried to pump out some chinups… only got 3 but hey thats pretty much a record for me so yay.

  16. day 19, jog to and from work, jumping jacks, burpies. if these updates are getting shorter its because i’m having a really hard time keeping up with everything right now. working quite a few hours lately and with studies and exercise on top of it I just havn’t had much energy left over at the end of the day.

  17. Day 21, Once again a crazy day at work so came home feeling really exhausted. Tried my hand at doing some chinups again. also jogged all the way home from work instead of just to the bus stop. That makes it challenge completed. feels damn good actually.

    Day 22, Rest and Recovery.

  18. Sorry about the lack of updates, no I have not fallen off the wagon, still going strong… hard as it may be, things just got a little crazy with work/flu from hell is all.

    day 23 – 30 Been keeping up with as much exercise as possible, did get taken out by the flu for 4 days last week but got back up on the horse soon after. Have also really redoubled my efforts in martial arts and have picked up a new private student so that has been helping (both on the money front and the fitness one :p)

  19. Day 31 – 57, Things have been really rough lately, relationship fell apart and hours at work got cut down to practically nothing. Have continued my teaching once a week although the personal workouts have been slipping. its hard some days to get up the motivation to exercise when your having trouble finding the motivation to even get out of bed.

    Have found a new sense of determination though, woke up today, pounded out some situps and pushups (time was fairly limited). Tomorow I’m going to go down to a local gym near where I work and take up their offer for a one month free pass and personal training consultation. If I’m not working I may as well hit the gym right? after all it doesn’t matter where I am while I wait for call backs on resumes.

    • Oh, and with everything that has been going on it also looks like I might be moving in the new year, been getting the real feeling that in order to change the slump i’ve been in that I need to change the city i’m in and Toronto looks pretty good. Two of my best friends live out there, I’ve got a couple strong job leads in that direction that pay better and the rent is cheeper… it also means I get to harrass roc in person :p

  20. not sure why my previous post didn’t update but i’ll do it again.

    day 58, went to the gym and got a free month pass. spent about 2 and a half hours working out and getting a feel for all the equipment, didn’t push myself too hard though since I had work right after. which is a good thing because…

    fucking halloween saturday… 3 fights that night including one guy with a knife, I’m pretty sure I can count that as physical exercise… hell I’d argue that fighting is the most intense full body exercise you can do.

    Day 59… was planning on exercising, then I had critical system failure on my PC and just got it SOMEWHAT up and running again now.

  21. Day 60, Went dancing for halloween, got into a fight (scary how often that happens in my life) some asshole decided that knocking his girlfriend on her ass in front of me would be a good idea… yet somehow I was the bad guy.

    Also made a couple of good business contacts for weapons sales and potential students so all in all a great night.

  22. sorry I havn’t updated much lately, been in the hospital alot lately. still continuing to work out as much as I can… just got the results back and they arn’t good, but I will continue to update as long and as much as I can.

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