Daemeon Fyral – Day 0

One of the toughest things for any of us is to hold ourselves accountable to others. There’s a whole “team shame” mentality about it because we’re honestly used to failing ourselves, and we’ve developed strong mechanisms for rationalization, but letting down others isn’t something any of us should be comfortable with.

I put out a Day 0 post for Harlon Mathuin not too long ago. Harlon is continuing to work strong, and I’m looking forward to his three month update. Someone else inspired by Harlon’s public accountability is Daemeon, who was also doing his due diligence in the TRX 21 day challenge I posted a while back.

A small quote from the email:

When I was thinking about it a big part of what caused me too fall off the wagon last time was the lack of accountability, if its alright with you I’d like to ask for your help with that.

My reply?

Son, consider yourself held accountable.

So, without my continued rambling, here is Daemeon’s Day 0 pic.

I applaud anyone that can put themselves out there like this, ask for help, and then put in the work to improve their lifestyle. As I said in my reply email, you can post to me, email me, whatever you need from me in order that I can better assist in your efforts.

That applies to any of my readers wanting and willing to change their lives.

Let’s do this Daemeon!

40 responses to “Daemeon Fyral – Day 0

  1. Well i’ve been as bad at keeping this updated as Roc has, I’m still going strong though. been in and out of hospital a couple more times. looks like the results they got the first time was a false positive, hooray for being on chemo therapy for a week because the idiot doctor misread the scans. cuz going bald faster than I already am is EXACTLY what I needed… although they still don’t know WTF is going on with my brain least we have cancer ruled out.

    I did take a day 90 picture, and the results are… well, they arn’t as fantastic as I was hoping for but I’m still happy, managed to drop about 20lbs and put about an inch onto my arms, i’m feeling a hell of a lot better which is the important thing. Will send it along asap.

    Thanks for the inspiration and all the hard work you’ve put in Roc, you truly live up to your name.

  2. Day I can’t remember offhand 100+ by now I think. Been going fairly strong I’d like to think. Although I’ve found it’s starting to get a little too easy. I know I need to ramp it up but currently my food intake won’t allow it. Hopefully that will change soon. Progress progress progress.

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