Interview: Voices from the Void

I’ve always enjoyed interviews. Not just for the publicity, nor for the arrogance that I get to be the center of attention once again for the duration of the podcast, but simply because I enjoy intelligent banter.

Voices from the Void provided that in abundance. They aren’t like one of those morning shows I’ve done where my entire guest appearance is a ten minute segment on the best way to cook eggs in zero gravity, but rather a genuine interest in me as a person, a personality, an icon, and a target for Hallan Turrek’s quick wit.

I’m sure every one of their guests feels this way, including the part about Hallan.

The entire podcast was professionally done, flowed naturally with few edits from what I’ve heard (aside from what came after the whole “tickling” discussion), was produced and turned around in only a few days, and overall was something I would gladly do again.

Some of these things I wanted to post directly on the Voices from the Void site, but sadly they have comments disabled; I’m sure with good reason.

Just the same, if you’re interested in finding out more about me, my opinions on everything from CCP to snot filled envelopes to Roc being accused of Amarr spying, and everything in between, tune in and give a listen.

The interview runs 1h30m in length. Didn’t realize I was so full of myself…


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