Advent Celebration – Dec 20th

The gifts had run dry. I had expected as much. There is only so much one person could do in the end, and I had given it my best. Nineteen days of Advent Celebration; not bad for someone who really had no interest in Christmas.

I had asked for help, and some fellow Capsuleers had stepped up and made great donations towards the festivities; that was what started me on this pursuit of “Christmas Spirit” in the first place.

Ah well, I thought to myself. I really didn’t expect it to go any other way.

I had to admit one thing I had come to appreciate was the taste of egg nog; what a delicious drink.

“Scuse me, Colonel, but I hear you’re in need of Advent donations still. Is that correct, sir?” I turned my attention to the pilot before me.

“It is, but I had just resigned myself to the conclusion that Christmas was meaningless, and inherently folks are selfish bastards any time of year.” I smiled coyly.

The pilot replied by showing me a digital contract made out to me. A fully fit T2 Hulk had been donated to the celebration.

It was quite the donation. I felt humbled and a little embarrassed for having reacted so sarcastically.

“Thank you, pilot. This is very much appreciated.”

We saluted each other before taking our leave, I finished my egg nog, then I headed down to my flight deck to look into how I was going to get this Exhumer sitting in Amarr high sec into my hangar bay.

At least the donating pilot knew how to make things fun.


PRIZE: Fully T2 fit Hulk

TASK: Sadly, we’re almost out of prizes. Today’s task is really going to put Christmas spirit to the test. Today you’re going to donate something to this contest. Should be interesting to see how few entries there are.

List your donation in the comments below, or by emailing me at The selected winner will need to contract their donation to me ingame, if applicable. Remember, it doesn’t have to be ingame items, it can be any use of your talents that you wish. Ideas:

– Christmas Eve phone call
– Short story written about that day’s winner
– artwork
– etc, etc

I will post today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Um, wow! I really don’t know what to do at this point! So many gifts! Screw it! Let’s do this up right, pilots! All donations are welcome and accepted. These coming final three days of advent are going to be something intense!!!

The winner of today’s fully fit T2 Hulk is Edema.

Additionally, today’s winner of the unannounced Republic Fleet Firetail I am giving away is DarkCoro

And finally, today’s winner of 50 million ISK, also unannounced and from yours truly, is Weslon.

I am literally overwhelmed with gratitude to each and every one of you!

23 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 20th

    • Sorry, no. I wasn’t too clear on that part. Just post what you wish to donate. I will select a random winner today. That winner will be the one needing to contract to me ingame.

      • Ha, i just wanted to donate so you could continue your Advent Celebration. If everyone give a small thing today as there task, you can reach Christmas 🙂 (I tough that was the original goal of that task 😛 )

        • That is the goal, but depending on how many people contribute, we might achieve the goal, or not.

          I will probably pick more than one winner today simply to thank people for their donations.

          Lead by example and all that.

  1. Hey roc, i have a retribution lying spare, you can have it as a prize etc – not sure how its fit or even if it is fit as its been a long time since i used it.

  2. be happy to fly the thing from Amarr for you, I have an alt that can pilot those things and he’s not quite kill-on-sight with the hoodies.

  3. I’m a new player to EVE and as such, I have nothing to donate. This isn’t some sob story though, just a little expression of gratitude.

    Thank you for doing this Advent celebration. Your generosity echoes the generosity I’ve experienced in EVE. Right from when I started playing a few months ago, established players have gone out of their way to provide me with both isk and ships so that I may enjoy the game without worrying too much about what happens if I get podded.

    Thank you, and thanks to all the EVE veterans who’ve donated today and who’ve helped new players out in the past. I know that when I can afford to, I’ll be paying the generosity I’ve been shown forward.

  4. A story based on the winner of any day’s contest, assuming I get background info. My entry for the Christmas was racking enough when I had to read through your stories over again to get a better feel for the character. Plot open to suggestions.

    As well as the story, two of the funniest jokes I’ve heard.
    A pirate walks into a bar, with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender asks; “Sir, are you aware that you have a steering wheel in your pants?”
    The pirate replies “ARRR, IT’S DRIVIN ME NUTS!”

    Second joke
    On a very well known cruise ship, the captain has an unusually smart parrot. Every evening, the magician on board the ship gives the same magic show.
    Eventually, the Parrot gets sick of the show and starts revealing the tricks. After a week of this, the magician is infuriated and hides a gun in his hat.
    During the show, the parrot starts up his routine:
    “RRRRAK, it’s in his sleeve!”
    “RRRAK, it’s behind the stool!”
    Fed up, the Magician draws the gun and fires at the parrot, but misses and hits a propane tank behind the captain. This starts a chain reaction, and the magician runs to the side of the ship and jumps off as the ship explodes. He clings to a piece of driftwood as the ship sinks beneath the waves. After a few minutes, the parrot flies down and lands on the driftwood, saying:
    “RRRRAK, I give up, where’s the ship?”

    And as well as the funniest jokes I have ever heard, a GSC labeled “Haav’s painful memories”, a can with a story. This is the can that I first mined ice into in a borrowed Mawkinaw to afford my first hulk, the same can that I, sick of highsec mining, used to hold my hulk as I hauled it through 12 jumps of nullsec to our temporary nullsec base, the can that was in my hauler’s cargo hold as I wept over the loss of my first hulk while getting what meager ore I could get from the wreck and cargo containers of my proud ship. The very same can that I used to haul said meager trappings to highsec, back through 12 jumps. The same can that, when a call came out for able bodied capsuleers, that I packed another hulk into and struck through five lowsec jumps to the WH entrance. The very same can that stored my personal belongings on the wormhole frontier, and that now sits in my orca’s secure box holding emergency scan probes, scan rigs, cargo expander rigs, scan probe launcher, and the fittings that came with the orca when it was traded to me. This can has never been repackaged, and has served me well for the better half of my eve career.

    BTY, if I have a pang of regret and refuse to part with said can, will you accept the can “Haav’s stupid ideas”, a can that held some tractor beam blueprints and some sentry drones for my short-termed expedition in researching in WH space.

    P.S. And, if your heart of stone has yet to be budged, a Helios, never before flown, just as soon as I manage to get it out of the Wormhole without flying it >.<

    P.P.S. I'd offer the contents of the WH hangar, but some corp-mates might get upset a wee bit.

  5. I realy didn’t know what to donate so I guess I’ll wing it. Any more thoughts or ideas would be helpful.
    20000 units of your choice of federation navy hybrid charges.

    20000 units of republic projectile ammo.

    1 ishkur assult ship
    1 nemisis stealth bomber

    Im a new player in 09 didn’t know what else people would like. Don’t have much to give ether. But what you are doing is very cool and I had to give something.

  6. G’day Roc, Darkcoro here.

    I have been following your Advent Celebrations, and would like to offer a Donation in lieu of Day 20.

    I am a very young character, but would still like to help out if I can. Unfortunately I do not have large supplies of ISK, but I do a lot of T1 manufacturing, especially along the lines of ammunition and modules.

    So, this may be a donation that may not be considered worthy of the prizes you have been giving away, and if it is really not all that good I understand.

    However, the donation I would like to offer is a run of 1,500,000 ammo of yours, or the winners of course, choice. This can be Missiles, Projectile, Hybrid, or a mixture of all. It can be of one damage type, or all, or varied to any degree. Same with size.

    I hope this donation is acceptable.

    Thank you, and keep up the Christmas Spirit!


    P.S. Even if I am not the selected winner for the Hulk Prize, I would still like to offer my donation to your Advent Celebrations. I think it is a great thing you are doing, and would like to help out however I can.

  7. I can toss ya a Cynabal or a Dramiel. Or both. I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite a while now, and it’s time to give something back.

    Fly safe,

    Iskender Graansha

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