Advent Celebration – Dec 21st

They should have titled it “Roc’s Christmas Miracle”, but in keeping with the theme it was simply another day of Advent. You see, it was that day on which the tough as nails, gruff and grim Matar Colonel’s heart did melt. It was upon that day, three before the mass of Christ, that he came to understand the true meaning of the season.

“Sir! The contract offers, they justa keep pourin’ in!” Leo, the Colonel’s chief mechanic, spat out, barging into the flight deck management office unannounced. For the past 24 hours, several capsuleers whom had followed the memoirs of Colonel Roc Wieler had been offering up prizes for his Advent Celebration, much to his surprise.

The Colonel had been sitting at his desk, his glasses off, his hands wiping away tears from his face. There was a datapad in his trembling hands.

“You want my boot up your ass, Leo? Knock before you come here!” Roc snapped harshly. Leo understood, and backed out of the office. He had seen nothing.

The Colonel was flustered. He hadn’t expected any to answer his call, let alone this abundantly. Now his dilemma was what prizing to choose and give away for the remaining days? But even moreso, that is not what had moved him to tears.

He had received a very moving communique, one which bespoke of what Christmas truly was all about:

Roc Wieler,

I would like to donate to you my friendship. I have been following you for a fair amount of time in the media, and have come to admire and envy you for all that you do. As of late, my Corp is in shambles, and I have been considering various paths for my future, my wallet is a bit tight and I’m trying to make money, or I would contract you items. In the future I pledge to repay you for all the inspiration you’ve given me. Awhile back I was an advent day winner in which I won a signed autograph of you, and although I VERY much wish to have it, if it has not been shipped off, I wish to offer it to another worthy deserving capsuleer. If all I get is a conversation from you sometime I will be content, and if not I understand. I’ve lost so many ships, so much isk, that game items have become relativly un-important as I generally sit in station doing corp duties and such, helping friends. Do what you think is right, if the autographed pic has not been sent I wish to donate it
back, and regardless of it has or not, I wish to give you another pilot, to add to what you say is a short list of trustworthy friends. How a leader so great has so few friends I do not know; I’m sure you have a great number of pilots you can rely on though.

The Colonel just knew in his heart that he had found Holiday Spirit. It was unexplainable, but profoundly true. A single pilot, having not to give, gives up the very thing that matters most, his genuine appreciation, and the very gift he had won. And it wasn’t like it was a fantastic gift! It was an autograph of all things!

Yes, that pilot got through to Roc Wieler that day, and it was going to be a very Merry Christmas for all!


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Today’s task is to simply spread Christmas cheer. You decide how, but post about it below, or by emailing me at

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to Swearte Widfarend, whom has won the following:

  • 100 million ISK
  • 1 Stabber cruiser
  • 20,000 rounds Republic Fleet ammo of your choice

8 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 21st

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, Happy winter solstice, Merry Yule, and whatever else your religion/culture calls the festivities surrounding the end of one year and the start of another :))

    Fly dangerous


  2. Since I can not embed this graphic here, I will have to link it.
    My Christmas Cheer for all of you:

    Fly safe (Or reckless) and have a nice christmas!
    Iltarus Almondis

  3. Today and tomorrow, I am a nice person in RL. Now normally I’m nice, but I’m going to go the extra mile:
    1. I will drive politely (but not like a grandmother), I’ll let others take the space closest to my destinations, I’ll use my turn signals, and I won’t tailgate anyone.
    2. I will hold doors, smile, say thank you (and you’re welcome).
    3. I have to fly tomorrow, with my 20-month old daughter. I will do everything in my power to keep her entertained and quiet during our 9 hours of travel (including the long layover).

    In general, I’m going to be the nicest guy I can, for the next 48 hours. Because if we all did that, there would be no end to the wonder of the Christmas season.

  4. I went back to my high school and ran a score table for the county wrestling tournament. I wished each sweaty, muscular, half dehydrated half exhausted winner and loser a merry Christmas.

  5. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and it has somehow been enriched by at least one person in their life! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

  6. My wife and I were in a store picking up some needed items for Christmas Dinner. We had the money ready and the coupons. In the isle next to us, we saw a man who seemed to be getting Christmas items for himself and his two girls. They didn’t have enough money with them and we were moved.

    Well, the coupons went to them and we even had enough money left over to help him cover his bill. The Christmas smile on him and his girls made it all worth while…

    Merry Christmas Roc!!!

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