Advent Celebration – Dec 17th

“Every child grew up with these. They are classic!”

I had been pondering those words for a few days since they were first spoken to me in shock and judgement. Some forget that there was no Christmas for slave children. Every day was simply about surviving until your next meal. I never grew up with the luxuries the Gallenteans had; I didn’t know about the classic kids tales everyone had been going on about when I walked into the conversation.

I had asked innocently about one particular cartoon title, and was then told at great lengths about the wonders of classical animation and how it was simply unheard of for an adult to not be familiar with these. What about my kids? Had they seen them?

Christmas was complicated.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Today you will be submitting a short script/story detailing the next big “classic christmas cartoon”, featuring Roc Wieler of course.

Post your entries in the comments section below, or email me at

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to Rettic, whom has won himself a copy of EON Magazine Issue 19 when it comes out!

4 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 17th

  1. A christmas Gift

    Roc was sitting at the floor of the station, thinking about his next moves against the slavers that lived just a few jumps from here, as a small matar child comes over to him.
    “Sorry, do you know where my father is?”
    “Your father? Who’s your father?”
    “I think the slavers got him. He was on a convoy, but it got attacked and now I dont know where he is…”
    “Oh… I will see what I can find out. You want to come with me?”
    “You have to find my father! Please!”
    Roc and the little boy go over to the next terminal, where roc searches for the route the convoy had taken. It was reported to be under attack just a few jumps out, at the slaver’s system.
    Roc grumped, shut down the terminal and moved towards the hangars. While he was about to enter his pod, he changed his mind, took the hand of the little boy and entered the ship. His crew stared at him, the Matar Hero holding the hand of a little boy that looked around with big eyes.
    “Crew, we have a Mission. We will find the father of this little boy. You know I dont like christmas, but consider this your good deed for today. This is our gift for this young man and I will join you on the bridge. If anyone has a problem with any part of this, he should speak up now.”
    The crew remained silent, waiting for him to finish his speech and start giving orders.
    “Thats my crew. Navigator, plot a course. We will find him, no matter the costs!”

    To be continued…

  2. Rudolph frolics in the snow, gingerly chasing Clarice, the beautiful young doe that has stolen his heart. Nearby, the Snowman narrates the innocent joy of holidays in the North Pole as Santa and his elves bring out the sleigh to ask Rudolph to join them in bringing joy to all the kids around the world. Rudolph is stunned and thrilled by the joyous news and graciously accepts Santa’s unexpected offer to—Suddenly Rudolph’s head explodes in a bloodly, pulpy mess that rains on the faces of the elves. The smoke clears, and there stands Colonel Roc Wieler, holding a blaster in hand. “Get me the fuck off this frozen hell hole and back into space…”

    Will Christmas be ruined for all the boys and girls? Will Santa help the mysterious space man get back to his home? Will Roc realize Rudolph’s nose was not, in fact, a charging pulse beam, and apologize? Don’t bet on it!

    Tune in next week for the continuation of “A Very Roccy Christmas”—a new classic for the ages!

    ::Roc cocks his gun while wearing a Santa hat:: “Ho, ho…mutherfuckin’ ho.”

  3. Rettic will be hard to beat but I’ll try.

    *Roc’s awesome Killmail.*
    “Unknown contact entered system and is heading towards us at unreal speeds!” Yelled a 1st private through the comms. Roc couldn’t believe what he was seeing, a sleigh like ship was hurtling towards the gate.” I want webs and scramblers on it now!” Roc yelled through the comms. His order was quickly received and the ship slowed down drastically. “I know who you are.” Roc said as he opened communications with the unknown ship. He couldn’t believe what he was saying. “I’m going to ask you nicely to take me to your workshop Santa.” The captain of the ship replied hastily. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Colonel” and that’s when the captain stopped. “Damn, you got me. What do you want?” The Colonel grinned, “Take me to your home planet, I won’t say it again.” “I can’t, it’s a secret…” Roc was finished with these games. He was going to have crews board the ship when he got this. “O.K. we may need to get to my workshop to get your gift. It’s the 2nd planet….” A smile was coming over Roc’s face when the Amarr fleet they’d been expecting appeared a few km off. “Pleasure doing business with you.” He said as his cannons ripped the mysterious ship to shreds. He had no need for Santa. He had a planet full of ships, a one of a kind killmail, and many other things to explore. For all he knew, this was the best Christmas ever. And he smiled as the first Amarrian was locked, “Merry Christmas to all, and this is going to be a Helluva Fight!!!!”

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