Advent Celebration – Dec 16th

Christmas was clearly not for me, I thought to myself. I lived my life by rules; I needed structure. The holiday season was chaotic, and seemed to bring out the worst in people. I wondered how family would react to the gifts they received if they knew to what morally questionable lengths their loved ones went to get them, how they mistreated others, shoving, pushing, cursing, filled with impatience at every turn; in their vehicles, in their shopping, everything. It was deplorable.

If any of my pilots were to act the way I had witnessed innumerable civilians act in the name of Christmas, I would have them under court-martial faster than they knew what hit them.

I was losing myself in the madness. I needed order. I needed direction.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Today you will be creating a witty yet insightful Christmas Rule. Not only will the winning rule win today’s prize, it will be featured as an official Roc’s Rule. Post your entry in the comments section below, or email me at

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to Song Li, today’s winner! Not only is your quote today going to be an official Roc’s Rule, but you’ve also won yourself a free ad on Capsuleer! Check this LINK out for details. Ignore the ISK part; that’s on us!

18 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 16th

  1. Do not traumatize sales associates! Despite popular belief they are people too and the good ones are doing everything they can to make your shopping go as smoothly. Keep that in mind when you are standing in line!

  2. Go out specifically once a year to a randomly picked superstore or shopping center and donate to the Salvation Army bell ringer stand. Only afterwards may you begin your Christmas shopping.

    It’s only once a year and towards a good cause: those people who have troubles in communication, not a place to go, no warm food to eat, and no clothes to wear.

    Also it makes “justifying” those larger purchases more easy to swallow 😉

  3. Christmas is very much like a very good whiskey (my preference being a Scotch Single Malt).

    Should savoured with every sip and never greedily gulped.

    Once truly appreciated and understood, can be enjoyed quietly solo or with others (both is best at equal measures)

    Has a beautiful body/aura/flavour as it slides across your palate/soul.

    And finally, leaves you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

  4. If the present has air holes don’t shake it.

    If you mix red and green nyquil together it’s not a Christmas drink.

    If you give your cat a Christmas gift don’t make it cat nip. Because they will open it prematurely with great prejudice.

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