YC 113: Production Diary

You may not know this about me, but I never intended to make music. If you’ve listened to my Voices from the Void interview, you will know that EVE wasn’t my first musical endeavour, but that is was my first concentrated endeavour.

And boy, did it take a lot of concentration to get this far. Of course, the fan support hasn’t hurt either, so thanks in advance for that.

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OOC: This Roctober

Hard to believe the Roc Wieler Anthology YC 113 is almost complete, but I feel good about this upcoming release. It’s been a long journey creatively since my early days of composing the original Bio CD, but rest assured, I’m going back to my orchestral soundtrack roots.

This will be my fourth EVE Online inspired album. Can you believe it? If you haven’t heard of me, or any of my audio works, please visit the links below, where you will find free samples of the songs, as well as other related information. My albums are available through iTunes, on Amazon, and are carried by over 30 other digital distributors nowadays. Go me.


YC 113 has been a passion of my heart, and throughout all the frustrations, the learning curves to create the things I hear in my head, the delays when software/hardware decide not to work, I think that this album is the closest I’ve come to realizing my true vision for a story in as much as One Night of Roc was my live concert master work.

YC 113 is my love story to the universe of EVE Online, with anthems for each nation, including pirate factions, as well as song tributes to some key personalities within our universe that have affected and influenced me over the years.

It is my deep and sincere hope that you will do everything you can to help me promote this album, and as such, here is the official teaser trailer for your enjoyment, along with a fancy wallpaper:

Full sized version available HERE

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as complete tracks of my music have been known to show up on http://www.grooveshark.com, and I heard it through the grapevine that Bio may be uploaded to GrooveShark in its entirety! Wouldn’t that be something.

As always, you have my sincerest thanks for all the support you’ve given to me in everything I do. We truly are a wonderful community.