YC 113: The Stories

I primarily write about one thing, me. I know the subject matter better than anyone else, and it allows me to explore my own human condition while hopefully reaching out to others.

My music is no different.

YC 113 has been a tremendous labour of love since January of this year, with the same ups and downs that we all face on a daily basis. The only difference is that as an artist, I can go back and have a “do over”, something we all have wished we could do in our actual lives.

YC 113 is meant to be a celebration of New Eden; I’ve mentioned it as my love song to capsuleers everywhere. Let me take that one step further: it’s the stories that have affected me as an individual this year, the events that have impacted me directly, or influenced events around me, sometimes beyond my control.

Below you will find the full track listing for YC 113, as well as a brief story for each track. These are the tales that were in my mind as I pieced together an overall theme for the album. My deepest hope is that you will envision stories of your own, that this music will move you, and that you will share your own inspirations, defeats, victories, and moments from YC 113.

Prologue (3:30)

Every good story has a beginning. Every film has a prologue. This track hopes to lay down the tone for the album: one of hope, one of foreboding, of an unseen nemesis, of a reluctant hero, of love lost, of life overcoming the odds, of tragic death undeserved; a science fiction environment of epic proportions meant to entice all. I proudly present to you, YC 113

New Eden (3:24)

It never ceases to amaze me, the vastness of space. No matter how many times I undock and feel the coldness permeate my ship, I am awed by the majesty of this galaxy. Our technologies, our cultures, our minute influence is meaningless in the infinite scheme of themes. We are but specks on a cosmic playground, thinking we have control, power, wealth. Even as immortals we are small creations, nothing to compare to a wormhole, a nebula, a planet. New Eden, you will always have my heart.

Retired (2:04)

There comes a time in every man’s life when he no longer wants to fight, when he realizes that no matter how many lives he takes, there will always be another enemy on the horizon. It’s a futile gesture to think there is any end in sight. I’ve come to terms with that. Let the young fight. Let the politicians feed their putrid lies to those that are still willing to hear. I’m retired. Maybe one day I’ll open a bar, a place for those still fighting the good fight to come and unburden themselves in peace. Maybe one day.

State (1:30)

The Caldari State, the most industrious of the four empires. During my service, they were an ancillary enemy, allies of the Amarr Empire. I’ve had, and lost, many Caldari friends over the years due to war, but they are a people to be respected. Often they are misheld as militant, and while they brilliantly turn their natures to effective warfare, they want the same as us all; peace.

Federation (1:00)

Excess is the word that comes to mind when I’m asked to think about the Gallente. A loving, nurturing society of excess. It’s often overlooked that the Gallente are the most technologically advanced of the four empires, given their propensity to overzealous recreation. Still, when push comes to shove, they have always been there for me, whether harbouring me from my enemies, or introducing me to the famed Mendre dancers.

Republic (1:46)

My people. My brothers and sisters. Fiercely dedicated to the ideals of freedom and preserving our history, only fools underestimate the Minmatar Republic. Our tribes stand as one against the unrestrained gluttony and perversions of the wretched Amarr Empire. There is no rest for our people while even a single Matari endures the hardships of Amarr slavery. One day, my people, we shall all be free.

Empire (3:03)

To even speak their names fills me with disgust, yet I have to give credit where credit is due. I was raised in the Amarr Empire as a slave; it forged me into the man I am today, and while I cannot abide their political and many social views, they are a deeply spiritual and connected people. They know a greater peace and prosperity than any of the other empires. They hold to their core values as valiantly as any people should, but I cannot respect them. I cannot sit idly by forever while they continue their wicked ways. Only time will tell the story of their ultimate demise.

Guristas (45 seconds)

Deadly efficient, quick to strike and fade, the dreaded bunny has been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. They hold no allegiance to any empire, preying on any to fall into their traps.

Raiders (1:01)

The Blood. They are the second most feared faction in all of New Eden, mostly for their devout religious devotion to the arcane. Some of the incident reports I’ve read post Raiders attack send chills down my spine, even to this day.

Serpentis (1:09)

Religious, militant, underrated. The Serpentis have all the makings of an Empire yet cannot stop the infighting long enough to establish any lasting territory. This is a good thing for New Eden; one less reign of villainy to endure.

Nation (2:29)

The true terror that keeps brave men awake in fear at night. A dispersed territory of cybernetic aberrations, a collective of insanity and depravity, Sansha’s Nation remains a potential threat to all of New Eden. Let every inhabitant of New Eden be thankful that Sansha Kuvakei has been dead these many years.

Master Returns (2:30)

This is Hiromi Nakituro reporting for GalNet. In a recent broadcast across all public channels in New Eden, Sansha Kuvakei has announced his return from exile. Rumours of his death have obviously been greatly exaggerated. Sansha has publicly vowed vengeance on all of New Eden, retribution for the unjust and ignorant accusations against his philosophies. No comments are being made by any of the political powers of the Empires at this time.

Winds of Change (2:18)

“You were sure the signal was jammed?” Kuvakei thinks to his primary slave/ship hybrid. A warmth flows down his spine as he feels the answer. “Very good. Continue on.” Kuvakei smiles as he watches the vid screen before him, watching as the planet is devoured, as the pathetic inhabitants are culled, freed from their wretched existence to join his nation of True Slaves, to take the next step in human evolution. They will thank him. They will enact his revenge.

New Eden’s Favoured Son (3:36)

I’m a simple man really. I eat, shit, fuck, just like everyone else, though the latter probably more and better than most. I’ve served my duty. I’ve fought the good fight. Why is it peace eludes me still? Why do I feel like I haven’t reached my potential, my calling? What is it I am supposed to do? Where is the calm? Is it Mynxee? Do I still need closure? I thought I was beyond that by now. Maybe I’ve only been fooling myself, all this time.

In Search of True Love (2:27)

There are those that would say a man ruled by his passions is weak. I defy that and say a man bereft of passion is a man not truly alive. I breathe. I feel. I ache. She may think she has moved on, hidden herself away, but I will find her, I will let her know that even if she puts a universe between us I will not relent. She is my heart, and the heart knows what the heart wants. No matter it takes, I will be hers once again. Damn any that get in my way.

One Night of Mynxee (3:17)

“Hi.” I say, as she keeps the gun pointed at my head. “What the hell do you want?” Mynxee says, not lowering the gun, looking around. “I wasn’t followed.” I reply. “Of course you weren’t.” she says skeptically. I move towards her, to hold her in my strong embrace, to kiss her, to sweep her off her feet. My heart races with anticipation. “I don’t know who you think you are, but whatever it is you’re doing here, you’ve wasted both of our time. Piss off.”

The morning after I cook her breakfast.

Goodbye Waltz (1:38)

“I’m just not that girl anymore.” she says while she eats. “I’m not in love with you. I don’t honestly know if I ever was. I’m not gonna sugar coat it; it never worked, it never will. Move on. You deserve that much, and if you’re too stupid to realize it than you’re more pathetic than I thought. The Roc I knew was a man, not a bag of teenaged emotions. Get over it. Get over me. Get lost.”

I can see it in her eyes. I thought it would break my heart, and yet it hasn’t. It’s given me the closure I needed, and I got a good lay out of the deal. Not a bad day at all. Yet still I can’t help but feel it in my gut that our story isn’t finished. Not yet.

Incursions (1:34)

This is Hiromi Nakituro reporting for GalNet. Sansha incursions have been spreading across the galaxy. The Empires have been ineffectual in predicting where or when the incidents will occur, and powerless to push back the forces of the Sansha Nation. Hundreds of millions of lives are reported lost, with hundreds of thousands more reported missing, at least from the planets still in communication with their neighbouring systems. This is a dark time for New Eden; even the mighty capsuleers have been unable to repel the invaders. Whatever you deity or deities you believe in, now is the time to pray.

Culling (2:19)

What the f… I think to myself as I exit warp. The stargate is offline. Aura opens local comms. The emergency system channels are going haywire. I do a quick scan; a massive fleet of Sansha ships is in system. I’ve never seen no many in one place. What the hell has been going on while I was away? Proximity alerts go off. An entire fleet exits warp nearly on top of me. There is no chance to fight back. No chance to run. I am jammed, neutralized, scrammed, webbed, and not even given the option to surrender. Lovely.

Escape from Nation (3:09)

My mind feels like it’s being torn from my soul. My will holds. It’s dark, confusing. I’m lost but the voices tell me I’m found. I see faces that are not mine. Are they hallucinations? Am I dreaming this horrific nightmare? What is that smell? I hear a voice, a strong voice in my mind, Kuvakei… I read reports that said he was long dead. I must be free. I must escape.

There are explosions. Light floods over me. “Sir, clear! Run!” I hear through distorted ears, but my feet move. I feel an arm around me, and gunfire. I can hear the sounds of ship engines burning, then I am away. My eyes focus. I see my Ushra’Khan brothers. They debrief me. They happened to be in system but were unable to act. “We come for our people.” one says as he smiles at me. I’m thankful. The voices in my head remain.

The Colonel’s Call to Action (1:08)

The politicians cower. The militaries already engaged in endless wars. The capsuleers are disorganized, without leadership. I will stand in the gap. I will fill that role. Why me? If not me, then who?

“They say to hear the voice of Sansha is to know pure fear. They say to look upon their faces is to gaze upon pure evil and human suffering. And they say that they are coming.

I say let them come. I say they have have not known the fear of looking on those that are truly immortal, that will never back down, that will fight with every breath until not a single Sansha survives. Do you hear me Kuvakei? Do you hear my voice?!

This is Matar Colonel Roc Wieler on an open broadcast to all the pilots of New Eden. Be not afraid. Do not back down. Hold firm in the face of this enemy and know that together, united across all the empires, we will stand, and we will win these incursions!!!”

An Empress Decides (2:26)

What an amusing little dog this Roc Wieler is she thinks to herself. Does he really believe the Nation is a lasting threat to the Empire? Does he really expect any true Amarr to follow the orders of a slave? She laughs to herself only to be interrupted by one of her most trusted military advisors.

“My queen” he says, as he kneels and bows. They all kneel and bow. It becomes tiresome at times. God doesn’t always require acknowledgement that she is God. “Rise” she says, beckoning her advisor forward. She grows agitated, then furious, as she listens to words of his reports of Sansha incursions within Empire space, but then a plan begins to form in her mind, a plan involving an outspoken dog …

State Arrives (1:10)

I can hear their thoughts. I know they will be here. I can only hope that others respond to my call. Ushra’Khan has granted me a wing to command, but I know if we are all, we will not be enough. Time is running out. We may be all that stands between Sansha and the annihilation of New Eden. Wait, what’s that?

The Caldari State have arrived, and en masse. Good to see someone out there can at least put aside our differences to fight a common enemy. I am hailed by their fleet commander.

“This is Nathan Carver, ready to follow orders, Colonel Wieler. My man stand with me in your service.”

I smile. Good ol’ Nate. I don’t know how he did it, but any help is welcome help. Still, his fleet is less than fifty, giving us a total of 78 ships; it won’t be enough, and time is running out.

Republic & Empire Join the Fleet (2:36)

Another fleet drops out of warp. This time, the Amarr Empire. Seconds after, a Minmatar battleship fleet drops from warp almost on top of them. I can already see the fleet commanders from each side reacting to a perceived ambush.

“Fleet commanders! Stand down!” I bark.

“I will not take orders from you, dog. You dare to attack the Empire!?!”

I see the large ships starting to maneuver for combat. To their credit, the Caldari remain passive.

“Stand down!” a new voice breaks onto the comms channel. I know this voice. It’s Veshta Yoshita, my longtime nemesis. Things just got a whole lot worse.

“I will not repeat myself again. By order of the Queen herself, you will stand down, cycle off your weapons, and obey orders.”

The Amarr ships do as they’re told. The Minmatar react in kind.

“Colonel Wieler, it’s been too long.” Yoshita says. “We are at your disposal. For now.”

Well, she always did know how to make an entrance, and nearly bringing the war to my doorstep was as grand an entrance as they get.

Over 200 ships now. This is promising.

“Attention wing commanders. This is fleet commander Wieler. I’m uploading your formation telemetry and my attack plan. We will proceed on my mark.”

“I will not follow orders from a slave!” the Amarr fleet commander barks. Veshta interrupts “You shame your house, bringing dishonour to your line. I am sure the Queen will overlook your outburst as the emotion of battle lust consuming you.”

There is a pause. I know what just occured. It was one of the most grievous insults an Amarr can receive.

“We will … follow your plan, fleet commander.”

I hear them coming.

No Time for Regrets (1:52)

“Mynxee, why do you affect so even still? I know it’s over between us. I know that our story is a small one when compared to the elimination of sentient life from the galaxy, but still, you are my heart, my universe. I have always been yours, and should I die here today, I need you to know that I love you, that all I ever wanted was to be your hero.”

I close my eyes for a moment, and take a deep breath before giving the command to Aura to send the secure comm message.

Fleet Commander (1:12)

“There is no room for error, no chance for mercy. If you are damaged beyond repair, self-destruct. The life that awaits otherwise is no life. It is an aberrant existence of slavery. Not just of body, but of soul. Today you must fight like you never have before for it’s not just your life that depends on it, not just our lives, but the lives of every citizen of New Eden. We’ve put aside our differences, and though we are few, we have shown that together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Let us go forward. Let us remind Kuvakei of what a united galaxy can accomplish, and let us win this day!”

I hear them. They are here. All of them.

Main Battle (3:08)

“No!” I scream. “Hold rank! Do not break formation!”

“20% structure! We’re done for! Amarr Victor!”

“The Revenant! Focus fire on the revenant. Ignore the drones!”

“Rep that ship now! Neut those frigates!”

We’re losing. There’s just too many of them. Gah! I scream inside my pod. My head is on fire. You cannot win, Colonel. Kuvakei. Get out of my head you bastard! I scream out loud. My dear Colonel, did you really think you had a chance? This is but one of my fleets. You are not worth the resources to be honest, but I will delight in watching your corpse burn. Tell me, do you realize I’m flying your ship right now? That I control your body? That I’ve led you right behind our lines? I’m sure your fleet is confused by this, maybe even outraged. How does it feel to be helpless, my slave?

Separated (1:00)

It was true. I was behind the main enemy force. I had no control of my mind. I couldn’t open my mouth. I couldn’t communicate to my fleet.

“Fleet commander! Orders!”

“FC, status! We’re losing our ships fast!”

A single tear rolls down my face. I shall not be broken.

I like that you fight, Colonel. I like that you … AAARGH!

Roc’s Last Stand (3:31)

Fuck. You. Kuvakei.

“This is fleet commander Roc Wieler. I’m separated from the fleet with no way back. I’m completely surrounded and being pommeled as we speak. I’m going to make a suicide run against the revenant’s weakened warp core. All ships, full retreat. Take out the scrammers and webbers. Get away while you still can. If I succeed in taking down the Revenant, your orders for attack are being uploaded to each of your systems as we speak. Wieler out.”

I close all incoming comms.

“Shakor, old friend. I know you won’t agree with my actions here today, but I do what I must for the Republic to remain free. I’ve transferred all my funds to an escrow account. You should know the password. Please, use this to help the lesser tribes.

I’m sorry we’ve lost touch since we parted ways. I will always be your friend.


Alright Kuvakei, let’s see how you like me now.

Between Life and Death (3:24)

It never ceases to amaze me, the vastness of space. No matter how many times I undock and feel the coldness permeate my ship, I am awed by the majesty of this galaxy. Our technologies, our cultures, our minute influence is meaningless in the infinite scheme of themes. We are but specks on a cosmic playground, thinking we have control, power, wealth. Even as immortals we are small creations, nothing to compare to a wormhole, a nebula, a planet. New Eden, you will always have my heart.

I look from my pod and see explosions, ships decompressing, others entering warp. I don’t know if I succeeded or failed.

I can hear the hiss and see the fracture in my hull. I feel my limbs freezing, yet it is warming, comforting. I’ve served my duty. Maybe this was my destiny? Perhaps every moment of my life led up to this?

I never wanted to die a martyr. I never wanted to die at all. If I must, then this is a good death, a clean death.

I only pray I will be remembered. I only pray there will be those to remember me.

I’m so very tired. I’ll close my eyes, if only for a moment. Aura? Aura are you there? For once, she’s silent.

I smile and let go.

Aftermath (2:15)

There was a victory that day, though it was costly. Many lives were lost, many clones renewed. Not all were so lucky, and a few capsuleers embraced the True Death that day.

Sansha’s attacks were repelled, and not just in that system. The unified New Eden fleet inspired others to work together, to help defend every border in the universe that fell prey to attack, and not just that. Many capsuleers, many political bodies worked personally towards repairing the damages done to cities, villages, people’s beliefs.

The war against Sansha isn’t over, but one thing we have anew that will never be taken from us again is hope.

YC 113 (3:18)

And that’s my tale of YC 113. Love lost, battles fought, victories won. It’s been an interesting year for all of us, and I know there are countless stories to be told. I look forward to reading each and every one of them. And if writing isn’t your passion, maybe art? Or something else? Please, if this album inspires you even a little, let me know. I hope you’ll share with me as I’ve shared with you. My heart.

Funeral of Roc Wieler (3:00)

“He was a good man.” Shakor begins. “A better man than most. A better man than me for certain. He will be missed.” He places a Khuumak across the casket, and salutes. The gathered military personnel return the salute crisply. “He deserved this, earned this. I only hope he finds peace in the afterlife.”

The casket is slowed moved into the airlock before the door is sealed. The launch is without sound, the casket hurtling through space forever.

The pilots of the Tribal Liberation Force turn on their heels and hold their salute for as long as the ship can track the coffin, only breaking their attention when given the word from Prime Minister Shakor.

“Now, let’s go drink like we never have. To honour Roc!”

“To honour Roc!” they cry out as one.

In a small room, in a small country town, on a small planet, far, far away, Mynxee sits and cries, drink in hand. “You bastard.”

Finale (11:31)


Every good movie or book I’ve seen always ends with a cliffhanger while containing its own story in case a sequel never comes. Did I succeed in doing this? I certainly hope so.

The finale begins with a very Roc style song followed by a story I will not be telling, namely the resurrection of Roc Wieler. How does it happen? When? Where? Why? That’s for you to decide within your own mind and heart. And hey, maybe PyjamaSam knows, but then again, maybe not.

Alternate Finale (11:41)

SPOILER ALERT – Roc stays dead

Not every reader of my blog is a fan. Not everyone appreciates my efforts here, or in my art, or music, or ingame, and that’s ok. Really it is.

You don’t have to approve of me. I don’t need your approval to continue on doing what I do. I do it because I choose to, because I want to, not because I need you.

So, if you’re a hater, you’ll prefer this finale. It’s dark, foreboding, and leads itself to another story completely. Does Roc stay dead? If you want. Does he resurrect as a True Slave under Sansha control? That’s up to you. I cannot choose for you. Take away what you will from this. I only hope that you take away something.

Aura (Remix) 3:26

I always enjoy having a bonus track. This time its’ dedicated to Aura.

Throughout all my albums, everyone has always commented on how beautiful the voice of Aura is, and I have to agree. This song is a laid back, ambient track that simply takes all the clips of Aura and remixes them into something I hope you find meditative and soothing. No associated story, though I’m sure it will inspire many within you.

And with that, we’re done our 1h41m journey through my interpretation of YC 113. Yes, it’s all about me. Don’t want it to be that way? Make it all about you then. I don’t mind. In fact, I’ve been trying to encourage that. I hope you’ve noticed.

For those that do appreciate my efforts, you have my thanks.

Fly safe,


6 responses to “YC 113: The Stories

  1. Brilliant. I can’t wait till the album itself is released!

    I still have stories forming in my head, I have a simple outline for a really basic short story that I’ve cobbled together which will probably be my first ever fiction when I get time to write it properly šŸ˜€

  2. If I waited till things were properly done, I would still be working on my first post. There is a time for polish and a time for dropping the OCD act and putting it out there.

    Great story arc, Roc, looking forward to it


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