Mendre: Rebirth

It’s been a while, I thought to myself, wondering what excuse I could come up with this time to keep her interest. There would come a point when she would simply grow tired of me. They always did.

It has been said that, once you have seen the Crystal Boulevard in Caille you’ve seen it all. True, the view is spectacular, but if there’s one thing you can never see in its entirety, that is the Gallente Federation. You may travel its length and breadth, marvel at the Sunspiral on Troux, climb the Akat Mountains on tropical Intaki or thrill to the Mendre dancers on Sovicou. Wherever you go, you will always see something new and exciting, even when you visit the same place again. Gallente society is in a constant state of flux, vigorous, vibrant and progressive.

Mendre: After Hours Vol. 1 Anthems Official Video

Well, everything is a go. My publisher has approved distribution of Mendre: After Hours Vol. 1 Anthems for March 1, 2012. I’ve also been notified that it may take up to six weeks for all 32 digital distributors to pick it up across all regions, so when it comes out, if you can’t find it in your area on your favourite digital distributor, please be patient, it will show up. Continue reading

Finally, Bio is Digital

My original EVE Online musical endeavour, Bio, is finally available on iTunes and your other favourite digital distributors.

Sixteen epic orchestral tracks telling the tale of an escaped slave, thrown into war, quickly rising to the rank of Matar Colonel.

The digital release of Bio also features a never before released track called “Fateful Heritage”, a personal gesture from me to my fans for their patience.

That means all three of my EVE Online related recordings are now available for your listening pleasure.


One Night of Roc


Mendre Released

Well, October came and went. I ALMOST made it. *sigh

But fret not, Mendre has been officially released on iTunes!!!

Follow the link HERE and be the first of your friends to own the brand new CD.

Many of you have been wondering where I came up with the concept of Mendre. Here’s your answer:


Hope you enjoy listening to the CD as much as I did making it.


Thrill to the Mendre dancers on Sovicou

The billboard caught my attention like none had in a while; sensual, exotic woman, mesmerizing me with their gyrations; heart pounding, ball shaking music appealing to my primal urges. I found myself getting excited at the very sensation of experiencing this … Mendre.

Aura informed me that in the Gallente Federation, the Mendre dancers had a generations old mythology surrounding their dancing prowess and sensuality; to experience a Mendre dancer on Sovicou was to experience a taste of bliss itself.

It was also the name of a new nightclub opening this fall; a nightclub I was bound and determined to headline the grand opening of. It would be an event none would forget.

Mendre… featuring DJ Roc. I chuckled to myself at the thought. It was mad, absurd; genius.