Mendre After Hours: Vol. 1 Anthems Officially Released

Have I ever mentioned how overwhelmed I am by my fans sometimes? Here I am, about to tell you that my fifth album (sixth if you count the free Christmas giveaway last year) is officially released. 

Yet as I go to my digital management dashboard to provide some links for you, I see that there have already been several copies sold! I have to shake my head and smile; the interwebs always know what is going on first.

Mendre After Hours: Vol. 1 Anthems is the first of a series in a new direction focused on exploring this particular aspect of New Eden. Follow the link if you would like to find out what little bit is known about the MENDRE DANCERS OF SOVICOU. I’m not Gallente. I’m a proud Brutor of the Minmatar Republic, through and through. I also enjoy music, and the ladies, and early on in the frail alliance our two nations enjoy, I cross-trained for the Dramiel and Cynabal, a hybrid frigate and cruiser of Minmatar and Gallente technologies. That skill development happened on, and above, Sovicou, and I was fortunate enough to happen across a local night club that had the best of the things I enjoy.

My hope is that the Mendre album series will do the same for you. The original Mendre album was my first foray into the club scene, but since then I have refined my skills with the help of Alogriddim software, Traktor, some advice from DJs I know, and have put together what I hope is something that makes your blood boil and your feet move.


My work is available on 32 different digital distributors. If you don’t like the two listed below, do a search with your preferred vendor.


There really only is one reason my music does so well, and that’s because of you telling people about it. Whether it’s twitter, facebook or banner ads, you’ve always been supportive.

Please feel free to use any of these banners on your website, linking back to this:

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4 responses to “Mendre After Hours: Vol. 1 Anthems Officially Released

  1. Shame I missed out on the Christmas album offer as I was visiting family and had no internet access but I really appreciate the fact that MP3 version is available from the Amazon UK website not just the US (which has happened with a few artists I have bought from before).

    Good going Roc and good luck with the CSM elections.

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