O2 Magnetic Dumbbells

magnetic-dumbbellsFor as long as there has been a fitness industry, there have been gimmicks and fads – ab roller, shake weights, 20 minute this, 10 minute that. Everyone is always looking for shortcuts.

The “quick-fix” is always the easy way out. Sure, you can do a 10 – 20 workout and it can be brutally efficient. Hell, I’ve shown you 4 minute workouts that will destroy you, and the scientific 7 minute workout has proven itself worldwide. There are already variants to that. The simple truth is that there are no shortcuts to fitness.

The same applies to fitness devices, like the few I mentioned. For every 1 in 100 that actually work, like the TRX, or the Titin, or the Fit Deck, or Kettle Bells, there are 99 that are a complete and utter scam.

My favourite things in life are things that advance us as a species, things that add efficiencies to how we do things.

I recently stumbled upon the O2 Electromagnetic Dumbbell system, and I am genuinely intrigued.


  • Requires electric power which means it can run out of power which would render it useless
  • I wonder how it would affect someone with a pace maker?
  • Is the electrical current strong enough to affect our body chemistry in a negative way? How would we know?


  • It’s electromagnets!
  • No need for bulky, awkward weights
  • Can be set for more than enough resistance for any type of training

If it turns out to be something legit, I’ll most likely be on-board. Either way I’ll buy it, test it, and let you know my thoughts, as I have with everything else.

You can read more about it via the link below:


Let me know your thoughts.



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