20 Day Challenge Check-In: Goodbye Junk

C0109_JunkFood_01So, how’s everyone doing? Did you take your picture on Day 5? Have you been tracking your weight, body fat percentage and muscle percentage? You’re supposed to be.

How about the junk food? Did you get rid of it? Clean eating? I hope so.

As for me, I did my weight/measurements on Day Five and I have LOST SIX POUNDS while not affecting my overall muscle percentage by even 0.1%

I look forward to seeing your stats in the comments below.

8 responses to “20 Day Challenge Check-In: Goodbye Junk

  1. What do you use to measure your body fat percentage? I’ve seen a few things on the ‘net but they didn’t seem particularly accurate (and if it’s not really accurate, I’m not going to bother with it).

    • Sometimes seeing is believing. 4 pounds in one week and you did nothing but adjust some food choices.

      Well done! Definitely maintain focus until it becomes the best lazy habit you’ll ever have.

      • I thank my lucky stars that I learned from my parents that “a snack” was fruit or yogurt. Similarly, that my parents didn’t prod me much if I asserted that I had eaten enough of a main meal that I did not have room for dessert. It’s amazing how different that perspective is from my girlfriend’s who will cheerfully eat cake for breakfast or lunch and, these days, looks to me for meal planning. (Fortunately, she’s young and therefore fit despite those inclinations.)

        It really is an excellent lazy habit. Ironically, I think I eat better for making sure she eats well too.

  2. Week 1 (yeah, I started late): -2 lb , despite ‘cheating’ on Friday and Saturday.

    This week will be a challenge, with several social events coming up. But there will also be scrambling up and down a mountainside on the weekend to make up for some of it.

  3. Week 2: +1 lb. I couldn’t fully resist the siren song of free beer, pizza and burgers 😦 Only good thing is that it’s ‘only’ one pound.

    This coming week should offer better opportunities.

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