SF Dark Oceans: Recurring Theme

Why is it that no matter how much one thinks they know people, the people always have the capacity to completely surprise and overwhelm?

The response to Stay Frosty: Dark Oceans has been extraordinary. I haven’t felt this satisfied in months. Thank you for that.

One item of interest that keeps coming up is people inquire as to the recurring theme that is spread throughout Stay Frosty: Dark Oceans. To some it’s epic. To others it’s inspiring. To a few, it was a ripoff of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who.

Maybe it’s a bit of all of the above. I’ve always enjoyed creating epic music. What pleases me about this album is that it seems to have to spread to a new audience of Eve players, a new generation of pilots that are now familiar with the musical work of Roc Wieler. That makes me happy.

I honestly don’t know how that recurring theme came about. I always give credit to the muse. When I get struck with a tune in my head, it gives birth to itself. I’m just the conduit.

Regardless of my ramblings here, I’ve decided to give you a special treat; the SF DARK OCEANS THEME as its own short track, just for you on Soundcloud. Yes, it sounds a lot like track one. That was the introduction to this adventure. This track is simply a shorter, focused bit of music for you to play whenever you need some inspiration.

Fly Strong. Stay Frosty. o7

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