Stay Frosty: Dark Oceans


There are times when the muse speaks and we must listen. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to play EVE Online more than I have in a long while, and the privilege of flying with Stay Frosty.

Not too long ago (after watching Doctor Who), the idea of time travel stuck in my head, and the viability of the concept even within science fiction. I started researching all the different schools of thought regarding this phenomenon, and how it might work within EVE Online.

From there, the music flowed. Beyond that, I thought to only use a single quote from each pilot of the time-shifted squad to describe what each track is about. Hopefully, it is enough to let your mind make up its own story.

Regardless, there is almost a solid hour of music this time around. I look forward to your feedback, as always.

Feel free to listen to the STAY FROSTY: DARK OCEANS SOUNDTRACK on Soundcloud or feel free to download it from there as well.

Fly strong, Stay Frosty o7

8 responses to “Stay Frosty: Dark Oceans

  1. Roc:

    See if you can track down an episode of Dr. Who called “Blink”.

    Then set aside an hour to watch it uninterrupted.

    Just don’t research the episode before you watch it.

    Let me know how you liked it.

  2. I get the following message on that link:

    Sorry! We can’t find that playlist.

    Did you try to access a private playlist, but were not logged in?
    Maybe the playlist has been removed.

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