First Day of Christmas

Yes, I am aware that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually commence on Christmas Day and move forward from there, but let’s face it, around that time you’re going to be busy securing your customs offices and mobile quarters, and warping off for the holidays. I figured it was best to get your attention now.

It’s that time of year again; a time to celebrate, a time to be with those close to us, or in the case of some that have nobody in their lives, a time to sit back in Rens with a steady supply of women and alcohol.


In true festive fashion, I’ll express myself as I often do – with music. I realize my posting has been inconsistent for a while now, and I could just give away the free mini Christmas album like I have in the past, but I decided to try to spark some renewed interest in the ol’ blog.

Each day for twelve days I will release one track from the album, available for download on Soundcloud. It will be available for that single day only, at which point I will remove the download functionality and perhaps remove the track itself.

santa2013FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS is available now. Go download it and enjoy.

Have a very Brutor Christmas.

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