Mendre: Tales from the Black Hole Pub

albumCoverThe deal was that we would create enough short stories for the Black Hole Pub series together and I would create an album inspired by it.

You kept your end of the bargain. I’ve kept mine. Thirteen tracks with an additional bonus track comprise this, my tenth EVE Online inspired album.

It’s available at over 32 digital retailers, the two most common being Amazon and iTunes. There are samples of each track for your listening pleasure, and while you’re there, why not listen to some of my other albums and maybe make a purchase? They’d make a great gift for Christmas and who I am to deny holiday well wishes to those in need of Roc?

I thank you for all your contributions to the Tales from the Black Hole Pub short story series. I thank you for your continued support of the things I do, the efforts I make to add to our community. I thank you for being the Roc Nation.

4 responses to “Mendre: Tales from the Black Hole Pub

  1. Woot! Not just because of the music, but also because the BH Pub took off well enough to generate stories – even if in last months the flow has almost died down (and I’m a culprit as well).

    It’s a nice place with enough restrictions to make it challenging to write stories for – I hope I can think of another one.

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