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Recently, on Freebooted:

Blog Banters deserve better than to be left gather dust for weeks. I have always been very proud of having the opportunity to run the Blog Banters and would like to see them continue.

However, I’m no longer confident I can do them justice.

– Seismic Stan

Seismic Stan, Mat Westhorpe, that built drunken lug with the sexy accent, whatever you want to call him, thank you. Thank you, as has been said by Rixx Javix and others, for picking up the mantle of custodian from Crazy Kinux, Dave Perry, that tall lug with the french sexy accent, whatever you want to call him, and running with it.

You’ve done a damned fine job of things, and I salute you. o7

I hope we can find a new Blog Banter custodian who can keep the tradition alive.

Funny that. You yourself have called me the Last Man Standing, and I’ve been a constant in the EVE community longer than anyone except perhaps Chribba. I may not be as infamous as the Mittani, or as publicly exposed as the CSM, but I am Roc, and that should be enough.

I speak and my voice is listened to.

I am willing to take on the banters. I am willing to hold out my hand and receive the torch, to keep the tradition alive. Though I haven’t participated in every single monthly banter, I have always appreciated their value, and contributed as often as I could. In fairness, I probably have the most banter contributions simply by virtue of having been around since the beginning.

I will not promise to do as good a job as you have done, or your predecessor, but I will strive to keep things going, to not let this die out.

When I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, Marc Scaurus suggested perhaps that the person that takes on the banters also take on managing the Blog Pack … that’s a lot for one person to bear. Sure, CK did it, but he was a rare and disturbed anomaly. And Canadian.

Just the same, I like to think I’m as disturbed as the next anomaly, so I will also volunteer for that role if it’s deemed necessary.

Share this post. Link EVE players you know to it. Comment on it. I want the feedback to be public and accountable so there is always a record to fall back on.

7 responses to “EVE Blog Pack: The Future

  1. First I read the post by Alexia Morgan, then the post by Marc Scaurus, so perhaps I am biased against him but I strongly disagree with Marc.

    Marc would like to let evebloggers die. Of course he would, he doesn’t care about it, that’s why he is letting go in the first place.
    Secondly, he does not want to give the blogroll back to anyone that was previously involved. Why not? People change their minds and giving up on something once does not mean history is forced to repeat itself.

    Finally, if someone is passionate enough to care and offers to take over why refuse them? Marc feels they won’t do a good enough job? Everyone can do a better job as the person that wants something dead.

    Feels a bit like when the CEO at the time wanted to disband Ushra’Khan forcing others to hijack the alliance to save it from being disbanded.

    Does Marc still feel responsible enough that he wants to the blogpack to either die gracefully or transfer it to someone he is confident will keep up the quality of the site? Or are the tinfoil hatters right and is there some conspiracy affiliated to TMC

  2. You would do a great job singularly or of both the blog pack and blog banter.

    I do suggest you think about the increased workload carefully though.

  3. Hi Roc. Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words and for offering to take on the Blog Banters.

    I caused myself a bit of a quandary with several really convincing volunteers stepping up (probably similar to the one Marc Scaurus is undergoing right now).

    I’m glad you’re supportive of Kirith taking it on and you have my absolute respect as one of EVE’s Ancient Titans of Blogging.

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