The Black Hole Pub: A Mendre Album


I’ve received a few compliments on the Black Hole Pub background track. Thanks for that. I’ve even had a few inquiries as to whether it’s part of a bigger work. It isn’t.

However, this is often how the muse works. The more people that have sent me emails and other private messages asking about it, the more it gets me thinking about it. Then I wonder how I can involve my readers and other fans as I always find that fun.

So, I’ve been asking my readers to create their own Black Hole Pub stories. Only a few of you have. Yet I am asked to create a jazz album for the Black Hole Pub. That hardly seems fair.


I’m not an unreasonable man. If my readers can create and submit SIXTEEN decent Block Hole Pub stories for me to publish on my blog by JULY 31st, I’ll compose a Black Hole Pub jazz album, naming each track after each story.

That doesn’t mean one or two create a dozen tracks. It means that I will only count one track per author.

Like most other albums, this one will go up for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster, and all 32 digital distributors I deal with.

Seems like a good deal, yes?

4 responses to “The Black Hole Pub: A Mendre Album

  1. Does it have to be a short story, or can it be presented as a screenplay ?

    Not necessarily promising anything, but looking to challenge myself in a different way.

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