No Excuses – Science Agrees

You should’ve just listened to ol’ Roc. No money for gym? Don’t care. No self-confidence to be able to do exercises? Doesn’t matter. No time in your busy schedule? Uh huh. I’ve shot down every one of these excuses, and many more, over the years. If you’re still making excuses and don’t want to believe in what I say, or the results I’ve demonstrated are possible, then listen to the hard facts of science. Or better yet, get off your ass and prove me wrong.



I’m not going to explain each exercise. The image should be sufficient. I will explain that each one of these hits multiple muscle groups at once, which is the most efficient way to exercise. You can also do this regardless of your level self-confidence.

If you’re a positive reinforcee, then work against yourself to do more reps within the allocated time. Encourage yourself. Reward yourself for getting a little stronger each and every time.

If you’re a negative reinforcee, then suck it up, push harder. I’m pointing and laughing at your pathetic attempt. It’s bodyweight. It’s seven minutes. Is that really all you got? What are you going to do when I show you the hard exercises?

In fact, I dare you to do this routine each and every day this week. Post your reps in the comments below or send me a shout @rocwieler on Twitter. No more excuses. You deserve better.


9 responses to “No Excuses – Science Agrees

  1. If I’m already doing a scheduled routine that includes 4 days a week lifting weights, do you still dare me to do this routine each and every day this week?

    • Absolutely! This is all bodyweight and about improving your cardio health! I’m doing a 4/3 split of olympic lifts and HIIT and will be adding this in as well.

      • Ok, challenge accepted. I’ll do my weights in the morning on M/T/T/F, and then do this each evening. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your rep numbers too!

  2. So after doing the Superhero workout at 6:45am today, I hauled my ass back to the gym tonight at 8:30pm to do this HIIT workout.

    I didn’t write down the number of reps I did, but I did have my Gymboss beeping away at me keeping me on track and moving. I had a two minute between circuits, and did three circuits all together.

    It felt great to do this workout, and I’m looking forward to continue doing it. I have four more weeks on the Superhero workout, and may just decide to continue doing this HIiT alongside. As the weather gets better, I am hoping to move this HIIT part outside to a park.

    Great idea Marcus! Thanks a million!

    • For the 7 minute workout, do a 30/10 split. Glad you liked it but let’s reduce time spent and increase intensity.

      Sent from my iPhone. Attachments may not be downloaded. Thank you.

      • 30/10 split? You mean 30 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest, right? That’s what I did. Between an entire circuit though, I rested 2 minutes. I did 3 entire circuits, for a total of approximately 25 minutes.

  3. So I managed to fit this in 4 times over the last week. 3 circuits each time.

    On Saturday I did it outside at a park while my daughter was at her dance rehearsal. It was fun in the warm sun and open air. It’s an easy workout to fit into a busy schedule. All I needed to do was remember to wear appropriate clothing and bring my water bottle, and I was all set to go.

    If you don’t have a Gymboss to keep the time, there’s a good iPhone app called Interval Timer that I think is free. I’ve used that a couple of times as well.

    I’m going to be keeping this in my routine. Thanks Roc!

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