Official Mjolnir Fanfest Workout Signup


Thanks to Petur (CCP Xhagen) for his quick efforts to help make this into a reality.

As it turns out, the first day of Fanfest, Thursday April 25th, is a bank holiday so a lot of things will be closed in Reykjavik. Mjolnir included. Except for the fact they are going to open up for us. CCP Xhagen will be there. I will be there. I need at least a group of ten to make this happen.

Signup below. Show up. If not, Petur and I have three days to hunt you down.

WHEN: Thursday, April 25th, 12 PM (We’ll meet at the Harpa at 11:30 AM and go over together)

WHERE: Mjolnir Gym, Reykjavik

COST: Not sure. Bring some money.

This is going to be a world of hurt unlike anything we’ve seen and it will be awesome fun, something we can talk about all Fanfest long. I look forward to seeing you there.


30 responses to “Official Mjolnir Fanfest Workout Signup

  1. Well, that’s only 5, including me. Please get your friends attending Fanfest to signup. I want this to happen. Hard to believe we haven’t gotten ten people already.

  2. I’m a little confused and very new to the fanfest experience. It’s the first day of FF, so wont we be missing things happening at the Harpa?

  3. Ok, count me in, tentatively. I’m still waiting to learn more about the fanfest itinerary but unless CCP run an exotic dancer lunchtime buffet I’m certainly not going to miss out on a proper Roc workout.

  4. So, crazy add-on to this. Johnson & Johnson NY saw my CNN article. They’re doing a Healthy Living piece this Spring. They’re coming to my work tomorrow to interview coworkers, see what others think about my efforts and initiatives … AND they’re coming to workout with us, interview any of you interested, and basically enjoy a day of Fanfest (and Roc Wieler) care of CCP.

    Sometimes I’m floored by all of this.

    • Roc Wieler, daring to be mighty (and winning!). What a cool turn of events. The best part of adventure is its randomness.
      +1 to be interviewed
      /plots more exercise before fanfest to counter the 30pounds being filmed adds! Haha 😉

        • LOOOOL! If that is the case I would be upgrade from fat/heavy to portly or rotund. You know, once your above a certain level you start to beat around the bush by calling it a fancy name for “omg have another hamburger”. XD

        • Just thinking about it makes me tense my stomach. Going to have to coordinate my gym wardrobe.. what was it, vertical stripes make you look thinner??
          Bring the epic!

  5. There is a pvp tournament at fanfest and we kind of want to defend our win from the last time our corp visited Fanfest and this is right in the middle of it. How possible is a late entrance to it?

    • Depends how well you do in the PvP tournament. Chances are, by the time you arrive, get changed, warm up and join in, we’d be close to finishing if you’re more than 15 minutes late.

      That’s my guesstimate.

      While I hope you’ll be there, I do understand we’re all there for EVE and that comes first.

      Either way, at least drop by and say hi.

  6. This sounds pretty good i’ll be there for it. no idea how to get there so i’ll be meeting you at Harpa before hand

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