Minmatar/Amarr Abstracts

Quick, late night art post.

Been playing with abstracts, motion graphics, cloner array and object collision dynamics in Cinema 4D. These are all a single frame from fully programmatic animation – no keyframing involved. I’m hoping to eventually make a Gallente and Caldari version, but for now, here you go.


If you really like either of these and want it for your tablet or phone screen, let me know and I’ll do one up.

11 responses to “Minmatar/Amarr Abstracts

  1. Nice. The Minmatar one seems to be a better still frame capture. (less motion blue)
    I’ll set it as ny desktop and wait for the Gallente one in anticipation.

  2. Love it! If you get the chance I would like an Amarr one for my phone. I have the Ativ S, but it has the same screen res as the Galaxy 3 at 1280 x 720

  3. I like the blur. It gives the art a soft off look, which I’ve always enjoyed most, as I look at art off-focus with my peripheral vision. It pleaseth me. Do you have a mailing list for the Gallente one? Zematus7378@yahoo.com This would look real cool on my wife’s Asus Transformer. Sorry if this is all done already. Late as always. Fashionably, of course.

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