Roc’s Sally Up Challenge – Week Two

“How do you train for this?”

“How often do you train?”

“Oh, it’s more than once?”

Sigh. Challenge implies you keep going until you succeed or the challenge time period ends. At least in my books.


That damn song was stuck in my head all the time. I quickly made it into a habit that whenever I would find myself thinking about that song, I would drop and do Sally Ups. Conveniently I had the song recorded on my NeoCom so I never had an excuse. There were a few days there where I was training the challenge more than a half-dozen times. Granted, my time got worse and worse, but I was definitely building muscle.

By Saturday of Week One, I decided to rest the muscles involved completely. This would give them time to heal and time to build for Week Two.

Forgive the poor sound quality. I am not a trainer at the gym I go to and they kicked me out of the small quiet room I found because they were concerned about my filming. People are idiots.

4 responses to “Roc’s Sally Up Challenge – Week Two

  1. I’ve been trying to keep myself to two attempts a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. there have been a couple days when I couldn’t actually get the second one done due to severe muscle ache, but so far progress has been pretty good. started out at 27 seconds with a maximum for the week hitting 47 seconds. (i’m taking a day off for recovery since I noticed my times starting to decline which I suspected was simply due to fatigue) I’m pretty excited to finish off the week and then see where the next week takes me.

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