OOC: Rocmorphosis

It’s hard to believe 2012 is coming to a close so swiftly. It’s been a crazy year in so many ways, but let’s focus on one of the main goals I’ve had this year, namely becoming Roc Wieler physically.


Let’s take a painful look back at to where I was before starting down this road to better health.


See that fat guy in the middle? That’s me, Marcus J. Dickinson. To be fair, this wasn’t even my heaviest, but it hopefully gets the point across. My life needed change. I was fortunate enough to somehow win the love of that gorgeous young woman on the right, and married her. Not sure how I pulled that off but hey, it was, and is, the best thing I’ve ever done. The other two little guys are my brother in law and my nephew. Congrats! You’re famous! You made it to a blog about internet spaceships!

EARLY 2012

The journey to better health for me started in 2009 but I really didn’t take it seriously until 2012. This year was when I realized I didn’t know it all, that I humbled myself to learn, to really want good health in every respect, and actually put in the effort and mustered the discipline to do so. There were several reasons why: my hot wife, my inspiring mother, my sister that simply ever refuses to give up, my own health and ego to be Roc, the list goes on and on. One thing I never set out to do was to inspire others to follow.

The support, encouragement and stories you have shared with me this year have been nothing short of miraculous. You continue to amaze me, inspire me, keep me real, and motivate me to always keep taking the next step forward.

Let’s look at the pictures from earlier this year:

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I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with myself at the time. I worked hard to get from the first photo to this gallery. Damn hard. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, discipline – it all works. Believe me. It works.


It was just over three months that I became fixated with the idea of the Bodybeast program. I researched it, questioned it, went online with it, found out everything I could about it to see if it was the next logical step in meeting my goals, or if it was merely hype. Even after all the resounding success stories, live chats with people who had supposedly done the program, and overall positive reviews, I still had my doubts, but like anything I try, I made the conscious decision to give it all. There’s no point in being half-ass about things.

If you’ve been following along these last three months you’ll know how hard this program has been. Mentally, physically, emotionally depleting. I’m exhausted and really looking forward to my week off to simply relax and enjoy.

However, here’s the results, that moment we’ve all been waiting for, and again, I have to say, I’m proud of myself. I worked tirelessly for this. I deserve this. I earned this.

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Again, thank you for your consistent support and encouragement. It means so much to me.

Merry Christmas ladies.

8 responses to “OOC: Rocmorphosis

  1. Awe you mentioned me in your blog (thanks for making me teary lol) But Seriously! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! You have done something that a lot of others find truly impossible and are definitely an INSPIRATION to us all 🙂
    Love Ya

    • I hope you keep reading then because my journey has only just begun. I have some big things on the immediate horizon that scare the living hell out of me, but the challenge of them excite me.

  2. So next fanfest I’ll ask myself: “Hm, should ask the bouncer where the bar is…” 😉
    Congrats to getting so much closer to your goal! (You need a tan to look like Roc, though… ;))

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